Review: Bringing ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ to life with Brightminds Butterfly Garden Kit

Every child has read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ but have you ever witnessed the wonders of caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies? I’ve never witnessed it before… until now.

I firmly believe that education doesn’t have to be boring and learning can actually be really fun! Brightminds is an online store that specialises in STEAM toys – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & crafts, and Math toys. So whether you’re looking for arts project or a multiplayer board game, there’s something on the website that will meet your needs.

The Brightminds Butterfly Garden Kit comes with a voucher to claim live caterpillars, which makes it a perfect complete gift for curious little minds. Just remember to use the voucher to order your live caterpillars as soon as your butterfly garden kit arrives.

The Butterfly kit is fun and really educational. It gave my inquisitive kids the opportunity to watch close up the miracle of ‘Metamorphosis’. It was also quite fun to see a caterpillar up close!

The kit comes with everything you need and your caterpillars (once ordered separately) will arrive in a clear plastic cup with all of the nutritious food they need. Make sure to not open the lid of the cup and place it out of direct sunlight to avoid moisture (and potentially mould) being introduced into the cup as this will make the caterpillars sick. The Butterfly Garden Habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up close butterfly viewing, and when not in use you can fold it flat for easy storage.

Our live caterpillars after a 4 days!

As it’s summer time and we’ve been lucky to have really warm weather, our caterpillars transformed into butterflies pretty quickly. The whole process from start to finish was just under 3 weeks – about 5 days before they turned into the chrysalides and a further 4 days before the first butterfly arrived. We had one really tiny caterpillar which was a day later than all other caterpillars to turn into a butterfly but I am so glad we didn’t have any that died in the process or get injured which can happen.

The handy little booklet that comes with the kit explains everything you need to know about them and their different stages and there will be a period when they need peace and quiet for a few days. 4 out of 5 of our chrysalides had fallen to the bottom of the cup but it was not an issue as I left them there then scooped them onto a towel and place into the habitat after 3 days.

Brightminds Butterfly Kit
Beautiful painted lady butterflies in our butterfly habitat!

We really enjoyed releasing our painted lady butterflies at Greenwich Park where there’s a lot of flora for the butterflies to feast on. In the habitat, we fed our butterflies the nectar mix it came with as well as sliced oranges and over-ripened bananas… the bananas were their favourite!

It was so lovely to see them fly away after caring for them, the kids didn’t get too sentimental but they were so joyous when the butterflies flew out and flew away. When they were in their habitat, the kids were able to get up close to them and touch them through the mesh which was a really lovely experience for them, something they’ll never forget.

We may order another kit next year to do this all again! 🙂

NB. We were kindly sent a complimentary Brightminds Butterfly Kit in collaboration for this blog post review. All words, opinions and photos are my own and should not be reused without my consent.

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Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

I was supposed to have written this gift guide at the start of the month but it’s been MEGA busy! We had the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on June 4-5 which we attended and the kids also attended one on the Thursday before that and this Saturday we had another one!

If you’re looking for that last-minute inspiration, I’m here to give that to you. Whether it’s a gift for your dad, grandad or hubby, I’m sure they will appreciate at least one item from my top picks below…

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London Film School | The Wandering Mother Blog

Guiding Your Teen Towards a Career in Film

It can be a little worrying for parents when their growing children express an interest in a career in a creative industry. Filmmaking in particular, with all the different aspects that go into movie production, is more accessible and appealing to teens than ever.

Modern technology, with its wide accessibility, encourages their film interest, along with the relative ease for just about everyone to find an audience through YouTube or TikTok.

London Film School | The Wandering Mother Blog
Photo credit: Steven Van via Unsplash
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Greenwich This Platinum Jubilee Weekend

There is never NOT a good reason to visit Greenwich but as a local, I can tell you that there’s been a lot of changes to the area if you haven’t recently visited.

It’s also the May half-term school holidays which makes the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend even better! I will be off this weekend and am looking forward to the many festivities Greenwich is going to be dishing out, including a brilliant event at Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich on the Saturday and a day out to Kidbrooke Village’s Jubilee party on Sunday.

So, without further ado, here’s my top 5 reasons why you need to visit Greenwich this Platinum Jubilee Weekend!

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Amazing events at Royal Arsenal Riverside this Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend!

Two AMAZING events at Royal Arsenal Riverside and Kidbrooke Village this Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend!

Can you believe how fast June is approaching already? I can’t deal!
Before we know it, it’ll be the summer holidays! Speaking of summer holiday, I need to start planning whether we want to go abroad or not for mine and Little Man’s birthday. The idea was to go Athens but the cost of travelling, travel restrictions and spending money will have to be reviewed again.

Festival vibes in Greenwich this Platinum Jubilee Weekend

I can’t believe we are already celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It didn’t feel that long ago that she had her Diamond Jubilee! As with every Jubilee there will be plenty of places all around London with joyous celebrations and street parties. The kids are SO excited and as the Thursday kicks off the bank holiday, I’ll get a chance to be off work early and take the kids out to places we’ve still been meaning to explore.

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UK’s Top 5 most accessibility friendly museums for hearing-impaired visitors

With 1 in 6 of the UK’s adult population affected with hearing loss, it only makes sense that our cultural attractions should be made accessible for all visitors and in this case, equipped with facilities to accommodate hearing-impaired visitors. 

The hearing specialists at ReSound carried out a report on 40 the most visited attractions in the UK, and analysed how many of them had accommodating features available for the hearing-impaired. Sign language guides and tours for hearing-impaired visitors were one of the accommodating features analysed in the report, as well as sensory rooms and quiet times.

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Curly Girl Method for straight-ish wavy hair: was it all worth it?

The Curly Girl Method.
Is it worth doing? Is it not?
How much commitment do you need to give it?
Did it make a difference?

Five years on, I can now finally look back on my experiences and tell you how I found the Curly Girl Method on my straight-wavy hair. You will find lots of CGM blog posts on here as I documented my hair journey as much as I could in those years.

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WordPrompt: Green

I came across this WP challenge just earlier this week from an email newsletter and I can’t believe I missed out from the start of it but hopefully I’ve not joined in too late. It’s been a while since I took part in any blog challenges or linkys but can’t wait to get started again.

My blog’s taken a little bit of a backseat since I started working full time – it’s been difficult juggling everything and there’s only so much one person can take right? Nevertheless, I am proud to share with you my contribution to this month’s #WordPrompt.


How tall the trees grow!
The woods were beautiful
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The Wandering Mother Blog - Free Family things to do in Greenwich this Easter bank holiday weekend

What’s On: Easter events for the family this bank holiday weekend!

Family things to this Easter weekend

Good Friday was just spectacular! The weather was so good that I completely forgot to write up the Easter events round-up so my apologies but if you are still stuck on ideas for what to do with the family, check out the below.

I’ve been on annual leave for the second half of the Easter holidays and have been taking the kids out (will post on that shortly) but yesterday was a kid-free day for me. I went out with my sister to enjoy a trip to a very special museum and then took a stroll around Leadenhall Market. As it was Good Friday, a lot of the shops were closed but there was a lovely French bakery that was still open and a couple other eateries.

The Wandering Mother Blog - What's On: Family events this Easter bank holiday weekend
Stumbled upon this beautiful Easter decorative arch inside Leadenhall Market!
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Stop buying, start borrowing! Library of Things Woolwich now open to local residents

Are you tired of buying things that you only end up using once then it goes into the murky depths of your storage cupboards? Have you ever wished that there could be a place where you can rent household items and then hand back once you’re done? If the answer’s yes to either of those questions then sign up online and get yourself down to your local Library of Things.

Whether it’s a pasta making machine or a sewing machine you’re after, you’re bound to find something you can borrow. There are a number of places in London (which I am sure will soon expand rapidly!) which have opened up over the years and it’s now arrived in the neighbourhood of Woolwich.

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MamaBabyBliss’ Launch National Appeal for Ukrainian Families

UK mother and baby support network, ‘MamaBabyBliss’ has launched a national fundraising campaign in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal run by The British Red Cross Society.

In light of displaced families, bombed maternity wards and tragic loss of life due to the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, ‘MamaBabyBliss’ Founder Justina Perry has encouraged mums and babies, mums-to-be and franchisees across her UK network of pregnancy, mother and baby classes to stand in solidarity with Ukrainian parents.

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