Time Out at Koffees & Kreams


Dropped LO off at nursery this afternoon and waited for a new computer to arrive then after that, I had some free time before I need to do some other errands. I quickly jumped on a bus and went to my former local cafe, Koffees and Kream in Woolwich. It’s an amazing quirky look cafe that is also baby-friendly.caged chandeliers and industrial lights.

I order a latte which is well presented (their lattes are always made well with not too much froth) and served in a tall glass and not an ordinary tea cup saucer. I tried to order the home-made bread pudding but once again, it’s sold out… I could swear it’s always “sold out”. I’ve been here 3 times and they never have the bread pudding in so I assumed they just discontinued it. After asking the owner, it turns out that his mother makes it so I guess the call of homemade food is just too good to resist and sadly for me, I am always too late! 😦

So… I decided to go for the jam sponge with ice cream instead – it smells wonderful but the presentation was not what I had imagined. To be honest, it could’ve looked better but never judge a book by its cover. The whole thing was really tasty and hit the spot. The jam sponge was amazingly sweet but not sickly sweet. The ice cream was okay, but I would’ve preferred a scoop. I’m not a big fan of vanilla ice cream unless it’s homemade or made from clotted cream 🙂

Nevertheless, this tasty dessert and latte set me back around £6.00 which is a decent price I think for a very good coffee, tasty pud and some peace and quiet! #worthit

If you’re in Woolwich or passing by, pay Koffees and Kream on Calderwood Street a visit!


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