“You’re more like your father” Scientists Say…


Father and childAn article released today by The Independent had me thinking – are we all really more like our fathers? I feel like this is such a generalised statement to make however in my is true – friends and family members always have said that I am more like my father than my mother but for my sister, she was always said to be more like my mother.

What made these people come to this conclusion?

Firstly, experts say that the DNA that we inherit from our fathers are more dominant than than the ones from our mothers and that our health may bd closely linked to the paternal side of our DNA. So this means that if dad suffered from arthritis then there is a high possibility that I will also suffer from the condition… This I can believe.

I don’t believe that the paternal gene is stronger in influencing your personality or features as all of my siblings and I look like our mum although I can say my health is somewhat similar to my dads. My dad had really bad luck with his teeth, at the age of 45 he had to have all of his teeth removed due to gum disease and smoking. I, like my dad, have bad teeth; I brush twice daily, floss, use mouthwash and don’t smoke or drink alcohol and only have fizzy drinks and chocolate in moderation. I hope that LO has his dad’s teeth because mine are so weak! 😦

I just need to make sure I keep them in good condition so will be taking LO to his first dental checkup next week – scary! I think I am due for one too so will also br getting mine checked with him. So, the original question was “are we more like our fathers?” I would say yes but more so in terms of our health than anything else.


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