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I love curling my hair. My hair is naturally straight with a tiny wave at the back and tips of my hair. The wave is so slight that it’s more like a kink but at my last visit to Aveda Institute in Covent Garden for a haircut, my stylist showed me the waves in my short hair. She used a diffuser to gently and slowly dry my hair and then added a few products and voila – I saw gentle waves in my hair so I decided to buy the Aveda Be Curly range to “embrace” and enhance my new-found hair texture.

The Greenwich Mummy | Aveda Be Curly collection review
Credit: Aveda

I followed the Aveda four-step plan; shampoo, condition, prep, and enhance. I plaited my hair and usually end up with long-lasting waves which is great for everyday styling as it’s easy for me to maintain. I then decided to buy a 13mm curling tong – just the everyday cheap one from Wahl that I got on Amazon for around £8.00 (free delivery for Prime customers) and tried to do more corkscrew curls this time.

Day one post-styling
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Aveda Be Curly Collection review
Day 1 – my curly hair selfie

I followed my four-step plan as usual then blow-dried my hair straight until it’s fully dried then got to work with the tongs. It took me a pain-staking 1.5hrs as I wanted to curl really small sections so that it looks more natural and the time was totally worth it! Here is a photo of the curls “freshly tonged” – not completely corkscrew but definitely ringlets which I was very happy with. In the morning, I sprayed it lightly with the medium/firm hold Elnett hair spray and it lasted all day! That evening, I decided to be lazy and not wash my hair so I just went to bed and by the next day, the hair was still intact!

Day Two

As you can see the curls are no longer as tight as before but still in really good shape – I can definitely say the Be Curly products had helped as usually by now my ringlets would’ve become waves especially with me working, sweating, cooking and the moist weather was sure to affect it. I sprinkled some water on to my hair to slightly dampen it then applied a bit more of the BC Curl Enhancer to keep its shape. My hair survived… I had another day of full-looking curly hair. Now today is the third day and I can feel my hair getting heavier at the roots from the natural oils in my hair so decided I have to wash my hair today.

Day Three

I used my detangler brush to get out all the knots and tried to flatten the curls but they were not shifting. My hair had just gone wavy (not that I am complaining) – I am just completely surprised at how long the curls had lasted. The last pic shows my hair this morning after it had been brushed. As you can see the curls were still trying to hang in there towards the ends.

I can clearly say that I would highly recommend the Aveda Be Curly products to anyone who has wavy or curly hair. The Aveda Be Curly co-wash cleanser is apparently one of the best co-wash products out there and it’s CG friendly (be aware, not everything in the collection is CG-friendly). Even people who have straight-with-kinks or slightly-wavy (swavy) hair may also benefit from the products, like I did.

If you’re hair is like mine, you can use heated tools i.e. straighteners, curling tongs or wands to create your waves or curls (always use a heat protection spray) or use non-heat rollers or plait your hair for curls and waved without heat… no perm needed! 🙂

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