Happy International Women’s Day!


Google Doodle: International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

I am loving today’s Google Doodle! This is one day in the month where women are properly recognised for all the good work that they’ve done and how much they have contributed to the world without having a man to undermine them. (Sorry if that sounds a bit feminist!)

If you are looking for things to do, The IWD website has a list of events for the whole of March that you can attend to be inspired and entertained:

I also wrote the following poem based on how I am feeling today. The poem may seem kind of sad but it’s not; it just acknowledges how strong women are and what we can be capable of. Sometimes things aren’t great and life can feel against us, but we keep our heads high and spirits alive for the wonderful things around us.

Her Smile

You always see her smile; not a day goes by when she doesn’t laugh or seem happy.
You believe that she has a perfect life but what you don’t see is the everyday pain and suffering she endures.

The smile you see is merely a facade; to hide from the ugliness that lies beneath.
You do not see her traumatic past or trials and tribulations;
The abusive husband who obsessively controlled her from what she wore to what she eat,
The lazy lover who offered no support even when she was sick and bed-ridden,
Or the boyfriend who left her and told her to abort their unborn child because he was “too young to be a father”.

She never shows you the ugliness that lies beneath, only the beautiful smile you want to see.
That smile is a reflection of the inner strength that she possesses.

This poem is for all of the women who have suffered at the hands of a man;
All the women who have been left to be the mother, father, brother and sister;
And all the women who have nursed their children from ill health to good health;

You are a strong woman.
Your struggle has not gone unnoticed and we can see that through your beautiful smile.


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