I’m Loving BlogLovin’


Hi mummies and all,

Just a quick post to say I have added my blog onto the BlogLovin site so now you can get all of my new posts through to your phone, PC/laptop or tablet alongside other blogs you like nice and quickly.

What is BlogLovin?

BlogLovin is a brilliant site that allows you to view all of your favourite bloggers and their posts under one feed. No need to scroll from one blogger profile to another, it’s like Instagram but for blogs 🙂 You can check out your own feed which contains posts from bloggers you have favourited, you can also search for new bloggers or blog posts using the ‘explore’ button or ‘find blog’ tabs at the top of the page.

The site looks very sleek and minimal and is easy to use. If you do get stuck, there is a ‘help’ page which operates like a forum and a Q&A page. They’ve also launched a BlogLovin app so I will be downloading that tonight once LO is done with watching his nursery rhymes on mummy’s phone.

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