Just one of those mornings…


Oh dear!

Well firstly I thought I was late to work this morning, only to get in then realised there are three of us in early when there should be two… and it’s me that should’ve been on a late shift!

I’m not going to blame it on “baby brain” this time – I’m going to blame it on tiredness and exhaustion. Exhuasted from the migraines over the weekend and the lack of sleep last nught because I was so excited for a new site that I found called MeetUp.

MeetUp is a site (they also have an app!) that allows you to search for free and paid classes in your local area that meet your interests. I wa particularly looking for art classes; figure drawing, fashion illustration, painting, the works. I was also looking for poetry classes, yoga and meditation classes to help bring a sense of calmness to my new chilled but busy lifestyle. I have signed up for a fashion illustration next week, life drawing for the week after, and yoga the week after that – Love it!!

Anyway, back to this morning… I know have to wait around various cafes until 10am when I start my shift – I will have to run to EAT to pickup my big matcha latte before I head back to the office. I love matcha lattes – with soya milk though, never cow’s milk with it.

Today is going to feel like a very long day… #tiredalready



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