Loving My JustFab Bag!



It’s called the Orlando bag by the online retailer, JustFab – they are a subscription service (I love my subscriptions!) but you can ‘skip’ each month so that you aren’t charged for that month and can continue the membership. Or alternatively, just message the company via email to cancel and they will do it for you with no charge… Perfect!

If you fancy subscribing to give it a try, they have an offer for 2 pairs for £35 on signup – brilliant!

Go and check out what the site has to offer, I can guarantee there will be something on there that will catch your eye. The online retailer sells shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories and every item is made to a good quality. They are JustFab’s own branded items so don’t expect any special designer labels. This site is great for people who don’t like snobby labels and just want something that is well made and well priced for its quality.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical at first with my bag because it’s all online; I couldn’t see it (in real life), nor touch it, nor smell it, nothing. So I didn’t know what to expect but thought to myself River Island bags sell for £40 easily so why not get this bag that costs £35 and not many people will have it and hope for the best… and I am so glad that I did!

It’s the best shoulder bag I have so far. The design is gorgeous. I still wish it was a bit smaller and would be great if it was made into a backpack – I would so buy it! The Orlando also comes in tan brown but the white is so much better. JustFab have also just launched their Spring collection which looks amazing filled with bright colours, big tropical prints and statement accessories to match.

If you would like to join JustFab, click here


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  1. […] white Orlando bag from JustFab is the perfect size when I am going work as I have more things to store in it but for my casual […]


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