Just Ordered My Classic Box On HelloFresh!


I love my subscriptions, there is no denying that but I have just taken it to a whole new level I think… I have placed my first order on HelloFresh for a Classic Box. Before the little HelloFresh Facebook ad graced my computer screen, I never knew that food subscription boxes existed let alone this company.

I decided to order my first box because (a) you get £10 off your first box order when you sign up to their newsletters which was fab, (b) food is packed for you and delivered straight to your door for free – how convenient!, and (c) the meals are supposed to be easy to make, quick and healthy and the recipes are included in your box.

This is the main reason why I decided to go ahead with it, with convenience following closely behind. I must admit, I don’t always cook the healthiest meals for LO and wish I had the time to search for healthy quick meals to cook that we can both enjoy but I just seem to find myself always cooking Vietnamese-inspired meals which is generally healthy don’t get me wrong, however some meals can be very high in salt or high in sugar which is what I want to cut down on.

HelloFresh offers a range of boxes; the classic box, the vegetarian box, and the family box. They also offer a one-off trial box at a slightly more expensive price for those who want to just give it a try. I picked the classic box because I liked all the recipes that they have (they also let you know which recipe will be in your box that week). My box came to a total of £59.00 for a weekly box with 3 meals for 4 people (we have other family members staying with us) which is quite expensive so I am glad that I had my £10 off taken off the total amount. (Good thing delivery is free!)

The subscription can be easily cancelled and there is no cancellation fee; you just need to cancel before the Wednesday of your next box. I think I will see how it goes with the first box then decide if I want to stick to it. My main problem is that with the extra people we have staying with us and the maximum number of meals they offer for 4 people is only three, that means I still have to go out and plan meals for the other four days of the week… not to mention the other family members are male so they will eat twice the amount I usually cook so we’ll see how it goes!


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