Teddy Bear’s Picnic At Toddler Sensory


I’ve been taking LO to the toddler sensory classes in Greenwich for the last three weeks and I think LO really enjoys it. Today’s theme was ‘teddy bear’s picnic’ – mine and LO’s first teddy bear’s picnic in fact and I can say it was very fun for both of us! Last week we had a safari theme, and the week before was an underwater world theme.

The classes always start with approx. 20mins of free play with the soft play equipment, rudy space hoppers, bouncy castle and various other things i.e. ball pool. LO loves it because he gets to become the little monster that he is and plays with everything. After that’s done, we tidy away the equipment to one side of the spacious room. The toddler sensory teacher sings a greeting song and then tells the children a short story based on the theme of the class using music, bubbles, toys and other fun things that stimulates their senses and develops their learning.

It’s always great fun until LO decides to throw a tiny tantrum because he’s either peckish, bored, tired or all three. Last week, one of the other toddlers kept wanting to do what LO was doing. When he went to get his snacks, she followed him and wanted his snacks… when he wanted his drink, she wanted to drink it too! It was quite funny and cute but I think the toddlers’s mum wasn’t too sure… her exact words were “annoying” which I found very amusing as that’s exactly how I would’ve felt if it was the other way round, for sure.

If you are looking for a parent and toddler group to attend and want your little ones to learn through play and song, I highly recommend the Toddler Sensory classes. Ours is held at St. Marks Community Centre in Greenwich but there are a few others around London if you don’t live in SE London. Please check out my Local Activities page for more details or visit their website for more information i.e. times, dates and prices. The classes are run during term-time only.


3 responses to “Teddy Bear’s Picnic At Toddler Sensory”

  1. […] last week, LO had massive fun at his toddler sensory class and had a teddy bear’s picnic which was really fun and the class had opened my eyes to LO’s excellent interactive skills […]


  2. […] – I knew he would love it and when we had our first teddy bear picnic at Toddler Sensory (read about it here) he loved it so much I wanted to give him that experience again but at […]


  3. […] I have however, found time to do a few things with LO. Last week Wednesday we went to a Hawaiian-themed toddler sensory party which was great! We used to go Toddler Sensory before we had to stop due to me working on Wednesdays but as it was my day off, I was more than excited to take LO. He enjoyed it so much! I had really forgotten how much fun these classes were and they are such great value (around £7 in Greenwich) and also gives me a chance to meet other mummies and LO a chance to make even more friends of the same age. If you’ve never been to a Toddler Sensory class before, take a look at my previous blog post: Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Toddler Sensory […]


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