Childs Farm Bath and Body Wash Review


IMG_8665Childs Farm is a brilliant company that specially designs their products for those who have the most sensitive of skins. LO suffered from eczema on his head which somehow turned into a fungal infection when he was younger which was cleared up with a combination of occasionally having a home-made muslin filled with oats rubbed on to his scalp and skin to keep his skin moisturised (eczema runs in my family) and Capasal which was prescribed by the GP.

His scalp infection cleared up in no time but the fact that he could still suffer from eczema on on his body and the scalp infection could return so I have been on the hunt ever since to find proper skin-friendly products and came across this brand in Boots. It was between Childs Farm and Weleda, which I know and love but I just can’t justify £7 for a body wash.

The Childs Farm range is affordable and suitable for newborns to older children, even adults. My sister has eczema and she finds it really difficult finding something for her skin (she usually uses E45 cream to cleanse her skin but all that paraffinum liquidum (liquid paraffin) is not all that great or skin-friendly) I recommended her to try LO’s bath wash when she was staying over. She was hesitant at first; she has reacted to other baby bath products in the past and didn’t want it to happen again but I managed to persuade her to use it and she has never looked back since. She loves it. It’s been the first time in a long time that she has been able to use something that smelled lovely (she could only ever use fragrance-free products before) and I was extremely happy that the brand lives up to its claim. I’ve also got the detangler which works a treat on LO’s wild, curly hair.

If you are looking for a gentle brand for your little ones and maybe even yourself, pick up a bottle of Childs Farm when you’re next at Boots. It is slightly more expensive than your bog-standard Johnsons & Johnsons or supermarket-brand versions of baby products however it’s a brilliant product, super gentle on sensitive skins, and has a deliciously mild scent (from the essential oils). The ingredients list at the back isn’t exhaustive so you can clearly see what goes into each bottle. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

In the meantime, please enjoy this cute video from Childs Farm called The Magic Show. It’s brilliant!

For more on the company, simply visit their website:


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