Monday Morning Catch Up #1

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

This is the first Monday post of a series that I will be creating called “Monday Morning Catch Up”. As the name suggests, it will be a quick post about what’s happened last weekend, basically like the #ManicMonday posts.

So last week, LO had massive fun at his toddler sensory class and had a teddy bear’s picnic which was really fun and the class had opened my eyes to LO’s excellent interactive skills during imaginative play. I was a very proud mummy that day, seeing LO exchange paper money for cupcakes to feed teddy and give teddy lots of hugs and kisses.

Over the weekend, we chilled out in the morning and went to the local library to socialise with other mums and toddlers. Later on in the evening, we went to eat at Sticks & Sushi in Greenwich. It’s a restaurant that has just opened up in the high street and we decided to go with a friend to eat there. The food was delicious and surprisingly decent-priced for its quality. You can check out my review for Sticks & Sushi here.

For Mother’s day, we stayed in as LO was sick the night before and I didn’t want to take him out so our planned museum trip had to be postponed. LO is slightly better now but I’ve still got to keep an eye on him as he also had a bout of diarrhea which means he’ll have to stay away from nursery until he’s clear of it for at least 48hrs.

On a happier note, we have more planned this week so hopefully we’ll be able to do the things we missed out on last week too!



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