Charlton’s Easter Egg Hunt & Fair

Charlton’s Easter Egg Hunt & Fair
Click here to #helplanghorne find the Big Red Bus Club

Fun and games for Easter start on Saturday morning in Charlton (SE7) as Langhorne, the Charlton Easter bunny, is lost and needs your help find his way to the Big Red Bus Club on Saturday 28th March.

He is a big white bunny so you shouldn’t be able to miss him, he’s got a basket full of eggs! If you do see him, make sure you direct him to the Big Red Bus Club on Cemetery Lane and be sure to follow him as the club’s Easter fair has loads of games, activities, crafts, and yummy cakes lined up for the little ones to enjoy.

To prepare the public for the fun day out, why not join in by doing the following:

1) Tweeting #helplanghorne with your message

2) Email the following link: to your friends and family

3) Share this page on Facebook or twitter

4) Come along on the day and bring everyone you know!

About The Big Red Bus Club
The Big Red Bus Club is run during term-time only by a group of dedicated volunteers. The club runs stay & play classes for under 5s every weekday from 12:30pm to 3pm for those who want somewhere to meet up with other mums and let their children play for free. The venue is also available for hire for birthday parties and events and all of the hiring costs goes to the club to keep it open and free to the public. For venue hire, please take a look at the site and contact the head volunteer, Tara.

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