My Third HelloFresh Meal Review


This was my third meal from my first HelloFresh Classic box and I can truly say that I have fully enjoyed all of the recipes that was given to us this week. Absolutely delicious! This meal’s review is on the last recipe which I had told you about before in my last HelloFresh review, Lebanese Chicken With Body-Boosting Veggies.

We had extra members of family around this weekend so I had to improvise and stretch out this 4 persons meal to a 6 persons meal and that was done by adding cous-cous to the meal and slicing the chicken into thinner bits for more servings. The meal went down a treat but some family members had mixed reviews and the kids weren’t really into it, probably because the flavours are quite strong and aromatic and they aren’t used to it. I mixed the body-boosting veg which consisted of sweet potato, red onions and bell peppers with simple cous cous that I bought from Sainsburys in a packet (the ‘just-add-water’ kind as we are short on time) and it was perfect. Sorry for the low-quality image, I will be uploading better images soon once I’ve sorted out a proper camera as this iPhone camera is poor.


The overall meal took about 10mins to prep and 20mins to cook which is ideal when you’re working late and want to be able to cook a quick dinner. I love the chicken and the wonderful seasoning on it however the highlight of this meal for me was the veggies – I really do love my veg, especially when it comes to sweet potato! The cous-cous gave it an extra finishing touch and made this meal very filling.

Click the following link to see the Lebanese Chicken With Body-Boosting Veg recipe

You can also check out HelloFresh’s other delicious recipes that went out last week (Week 13 I believe). I will definitely be keeping my new collection of recipe cards. I think I will need to pop down to WHSmith soon to get a little holder for them to start storing the cards in there. My next Classic Box has been delivered and I will be posting up a review on that meal very shortly. If you would like to have another sneaky peek on what it is, click here.

For all readers, save £20 on your first HelloFresh box using the promo code: CNU9UV


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