My ShowPo Wishlist

SHOWPO is an Australian fashion company that started off as ‘Show Pony’ from Balmain, Sydney back in late 2010. The online retailer has many of the latest trends on sale at a fraction of the high street price. Even though they are based in Australia, there international shipping price is amazingly low from $9AUD which is roughly £5.00 at today’s exchange rate (26/03/2015).

I am deeply into my two-piece co-ordinates this season and I can’t seem to get enough of them. Whether it’s top and skirt, top and trousers, or top and shorts I am loving them all! I’ve decided to base my ShowPo wish list on co-ords so here are my top three choices.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog

The Greenwich Mummy Blog

The Greenwich Mummy Blog

I am simply in love with ShowPo! These three sets come up to just over £100 which is simply a bargain as in the UK, you can usually expect to pay around £40-£50 for a set of co-ordinates especially as the majority of UK stores sell their sets separately to make more money but also gives you more flexibility to choose a different sized top and bottom. I pretty much wear the same size for both top and bottom so it’s cheaper for me to get them in one for a combined price.

I love online shopping because it’s super convenient and if I can buy something I like abroad and they deliver to the UK, that’s even better! The other thing I love particularly with Australian clothing is that their designs are gorgeous and the sizes are the same measurements as the UK’s so if you wear a size UK 8, you’d be a size AUS 8. ShowPo has a size guide on every item page so you can always check that out if you’re not 100% sure. ShowPo offers international delivery (to the UK) at a really decent price – $9/£5 for standard delivery, $20/£11 for express delivery. The site also has a section where previous buyers can post up photos of themselves wearing the item so you can see exactly how the clothes look on ‘real people’.

Click on the following link below to see ShowPo’s full collection or alternatively, you can always click on my sidebar banner which you’ll see throughout the blog – I am sure you will be tempted to. 🙂

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