Masquerade 2000’s Carnival Theme Sneak Preview


Masquerade 2000’s Carnival Theme Sneak Preview

M2K Carnival Theme Sneak Preview
Drinks reception getting started
M2K Carnival Theme Sneak Preview
A selfie moment 🙂

Photos of the M2K carnival costumes will be fully revealed on Sunday 12th April 2015

About The Company
Masquerade 2000
also known as M2K is a carnival arts organisation that started up in 1992. It’s a charity organisation and facilities carnival workshops, internships with schools and colleges for young people, and also collaborates with art groups around the world.


2 responses to “Masquerade 2000’s Carnival Theme Sneak Preview”

  1. […] evening, I went to a launch party for the Masquerade 2000’s Carnival theme. The launch was to get a sneak preview of some of […]


  2. […] what was in store for Carnival 2015. I posted up a sneaky peek of the costumes in my previous blog [see here] but was told I couldn’t give away too much yet as the official M2K’s carnival theme […]


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