My Fifth HelloFresh Meal Review


This is my fifth HelloFresh review and the meal I cooked was called Raiders of the Lost Beef and Mushroom Burger which is basically a burger with cheese, beef burger, simon’s leaves, mushrooms and onions. Making a burger at home is so much tastier than any burger I have ever bought before – not to mention it’s also much cheaper!

This meal took a little longer to cook as the burgers I made were quite thick. I could’ve tried to make ‘flatter’ burgers however I wanted the height as I like my home-made burgers to look gourmet 🙂


The brioche bun and burger tasted soooo good… and the wedges *blissful sigh*  – it was simply divine. The overall meal took about 40mins to make; 20mins to prep and 20mins to cook. The wedges took the longest, as you can see from the photo they are not as ‘crispy’ as you would normally expect wedges to be but nevertheless they were still really scrummy.

The most perfect meal for a Friday night. 🙂



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