My Sixth HelloFresh Meal Review

This is my third meal from my second HelloFresh Classic Box; the Tabasco Jambalaya with orange and honey chicken. This meal was relatively easy to make but I am not really raving about this meal compared to the others I have made. The main reason being is because it’s very similar to a traditional Nigerian rice dish called jollof rice which is one of my favourite rice dishes and I just couldn’t get the taste of spicy and citrus around my head. The jambalaya is also more ‘saucy’ than jollof rice so it’s quite similar to a risotto consistency which is also odd for me as I’ve only had risotto once. If you like risotto, you will like the jambalaya.

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

Click here for the HelloFresh Jambalaya recipe

Images look a bit better with the iPhone now as I have managed to switch it to HDR mode which seems to have made a difference. 🙂 Anyway, back to the Jambalaya I would rate it 3.5/5 for taste – it’s just not for me but it’s a good dish so I am sure others will like it especially if you like using citrus fruits in savoury cooking.

So, after two HelloFresh boxes, I have decided to skip a few weeks and get my next box in a month’s time. Even though the subscription boxes are very cheap, I have a big family and loads of mouths to feed so just 3 meals per box (lasts 3 days) is simply not enough for me as I still need to plan out meals for the other 4 days. The food is great and healthy so I will be still using HelloFresh but more like my alternative take-away option than a regular food source.

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