The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection


“Revive the body, Detox the mind…”

The Body Shop has just launched a new line of products; The Fuji Green Tea body range.

I love my matcha tea and green tea so it’s no wonder why I’ve been drawn to this range. It’s inspired by the traditional Japanese green tea ceremony. The actual leaves that is used to make this body collection has actually been picked from Mt. Fuji itself which is no mean feat, I’m sure! The Body Shop have only launched body products in this range so far and I’m not sure if they are planning to release a skincare range just yet.

The scent of the Fuji Tea body range is really light and refreshing but I can imagine that it could become overpowering if you’re not used to light and fresh fragrances. The scent really reminds me of Calvin Klein One which I used to love so much and wore on a daily basis. If you like light, fresh scents then the Fuji Green Tea range is good for you. Now that my taste in fragrances have changed, I prefer very mildly scented products so the argan oil and shea butter range is my favourite.

The Greenwich Mummy | The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Review
Photo Credit: The Body Shop
The Body Shop’s Three Step Guide

So The Body Shop recommends a 3-step guide to get the full detoxifying experience from the Fuji Green Tea collection.

  1. Cleanse & Detox
  2. Replenish
  3. Refresh
Step #1: Cleanse and Detox

Every good skincare routine should start with a thorough cleanse, whether it’s for the face or the body. If you prefer to have baths, enjoy a long, relaxing bath soak with the Fuji Green Tea bath tea (try it with the bath tea infuser for a mess-free soak). Follow up with the body scrub to exfoliate away dead skin cells and boost skin circulation by applying the scrub with a circular motion. Focus on areas of areas of concerns like back of the thighs to help reduce cellulite. Alternatively, if you prefer to have showers, opt for the shower gel and follow up with the scrub or combine both shower gel and scrub together for a double-action cleanse.

Step #2: Replenish

Keep your skin in tip-top condition with a body moisturiser as it helps to replenish the skin and keep it hydrated. Like the face, the skin on your body can become very dehydrated especially in colder weather as it loses moisture. House radiators can also contribute to drying out your skin. Depending on your skin type, the Fuji Green Tea offers a body butter, lotion and sorbet so you can choose the right level of moisture for you. The lotion would be right for you if you are looking for a lightweight product. For skin that needs more moisture, the butter would be right for you which has a light/medium texture. If you want a moisturiser that is very lightweight and fast absorbing, the body sorbet is right for you.

Step #3: Refresh

Keep yourself smelling fresh and clean with The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea perfume. The perfume is made from a blend of green tea, lemon and bergamot with top notes of camellia and jasmine for a fresh, light scent.

The Body Shop is also against animal testing which is one of the reasons why I like their products. Not only does it smell good but it’s also cruelty free. 🙂 You can find the Fuji range at your nearest Body Shop store or alternatively, check out their online website. You can also use the discount code from The Body Shop’s ad on this page to save money on your next online purchase.

Happy shopping!



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