Monday Morning Catch Up #3

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

This Friday I had my nephew staying over so it’s been a super busy week, not to mention a very tired one. Friday’s weather wasn’t too good either. The sky had a horrible glum look about it that did not make me want to take the boys out to the park which I was gutted about but as I had so much planned for the rest of the weekend, it didn’t bother me too much.

It was our special day out to Greenwich Theatre today to see ‘Adventures With Sam: Outer Space’. On our way, the boys enjoyed a short bus ride followed by a walk to the venue. LO is now 1,5 years old and my nephew is 2,5 years old so they are both fully competent at walking but my god! It was still a struggle to get there. When we arrived, the boys were so excited they couldn’t contain themselves and possibly looked like children who had never been outside before.

I had also forgotten to pack snacks and drinks so I started to worry about how these two wild people would act without anything to keep them ‘sustained’. However, once the show started they were fully fixed on the characters and the play had captured their whole attention for 45 mins – amazing! (You can see the full review of the show here) Upon leaving the theatre, the boys were so full of energy so I decided to take them through Greenwich Park to wind down and have a chilled out walk but boy was I wrong! They were full of beans and in the end, it was ME that was exhausted. When we finally got back home, the boys went straight down for their nap and I got my quiet time. Result!

Adventures with Sam Outer Space
LO and his cousin with Sam after the show

The evening was more chilled. It was an old friend’s birthday and we decided to go for dinner at a pretty little restaurant in Blackheath Village called “Chapters”. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while so was very surprised when we were able to get a table at such short notice. We were sat downstairs, the upstairs looked pretty and quirky but the area downstairs was really sophisticated and intimate but not in an intruding or intimidating way. Everything was spot on – our waiter was extremely knowledgeable and even able to give us recommendations on what to eat as well as which wine would go well with the meal.

The service was excellent – from the welcome greeting to the service and quality of the food.

The food was extremely well presented but not served on hot plates but who’s nit-picking right?! We chose the Easter menu which was roasted leg and shoulder of lamb with asparagus and boulangere potatoes (like potato gratin but with a red wine gravy) and we finished off our meal with a white chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with mango sorbet. A beautiful meal for a beautiful night out.

Easter Sunday meant another day that we were able to laze however as we had a family baptism to attend, we had to be up early. We all got ready and arrived at the church (late) for the holy communion and baptism of the extended family. After the communion we went home, got changed, then was out again for the family meal. My in-laws hired a hall for the meal/party and it was a fabulous event. The boys had loads of fun and were dancing all night. When they weren’t dancing they were either busy playing in the garden on the slides or running about, or eating and drinking gallons of fruit shoot bottles inside the hall. I never really let LO have juice at home so I let him go ‘all out’ when it’s a special occasion. The food was amazing as well as the entertainment. There was even a little dance-off between the adults and children which was cute. A great weekend overall and we all thoroughly enjoyed our Easter weekend!

IMG_1797 IMG_1838 IMG_1878 (2)

Happy Easter everyone! 🙂



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