My Review On The Wahanda App


In response to the Professional Hairdresser’s Wahanda App Anniversary

To celebrate #WellnessWednesday, this review is all about the Wahanda App. Wahanda is an online service platform that offers you all types of hair, beauty and spa treatments from thousands of providers all around the UK. The site launched its own app last year (downloaded 250,000 times in its first year) and around 20% of app users book their treatments within three hours which is an astonishing rate for a newcomer. Last week, the company’s app turned one!

What’s Wahanda?
Wahanda is like the Groupon of the spa/hair/beauty world. If you are looking for a cheap spa day or a group booking at your nearest 4* hotel spa, they will be able to find it for you. The salons and spas that join the site are very competitive with each other. To attract customers, the best companies would upload a brief description, a full price list and a list of special offers with value-for-money discounts. Another way of gaining customers is to also add a  description or further information about the treatments, which is what I personally look for. If you’ve never tried a certain treatment before but are interested in it, you want to be able to read about it so you know exactly what to expect and then be able pick out the right one for you.

“Wahanda is like the Groupon of the spa/hair/beauty world…”

The Pros
Now let us talk about the actual app… I love the app, I really do. It’s amazingly easy to use and everything is laid out clearly (with a clean design) to make navigating around the app a doddle. 🙂 You can search for treatments using the little icons (hair, beauty, spa, etc) or you can use the search tool which brings up a wide range of relevant results.

There are also filters which you can set to refine your search even more i.e. by distance, price range, user ratings (we all love reading reviews from others who have experienced it before us).

The Cons
The only thing that brings the app down for me personally, I would say, is the amount of time it can take to load. No matter how many software updates I complete to make sure the app is up-to-date, it’s as slow as a snail. My iPhone takes forever to load up the pages and then at times, it randomly crashes even though I have the latest software iPhone 4S can offer. (Maybe it works better on newer models?) I am not sure if it’s the app that causes the problems for my phone or whether my phone just can’t support this kind of app but whatever it is, it makes me so annoyed as I don’t have forever to wait around for my searches to show. Sometimes I get so fed up, I end up checking out the site on Safari page instead as it seemed to load up faster.

Overall, the Wahanda app is a brilliant service. If you love to check out spa deals or want to book your next beauty treatment that’s right for you, download the app to your iPhone or android phone. It’s completely free and you can create your profile account on it which saves all of the information you’d want to keep i.e. preferences, favourite salons, name and email address, etc which can also be accessed via the full site or mobile site.

Here are the salons to me that I’ve found on the app around Greenwich:

  1. Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre, North Greenwich
  2. The Day Spa, Blackheath
  3. Precious Skin Laser Clinic, Blackheath
  4. Eizun Day Spa, Greenwich

I’m seriously in desperate need of a good facial, preferably a deep-cleansing one (or microdermabrasion) to get the skin cells renewing a bit better in time for summer…. All that’s left now is to book!


UPDATE TO POST – 01/03/2016

As of 2016, Wahanda has now been rebranded as TreatWell


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