Food: Dinner at Chapters Of Blackheath Review

Chapters of Blackheath

I’m not a food connoisseur or anything like that but I do love to eat out and fine dining restaurants are my favourite places to go when I can afford it. I recently discovered a hidden gem right near to home that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s called Chapters of Blackheath. A fantastic restaurant (family friendly) in the heart of Blackheath Village that offers tasty, well-presented food at a fraction of fine dining prices. What surprised me the most was how this restaurant has not been spoken about more as I had never heard of it until I came across it on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

After promising myself that I will go one day to check it out, my friend and I were supposed to go OXO tower for her birthday but after a couple more friends wanted to tag along, I had to cancel the reservation and find somewhere else that could live up to standard and I instantly thought of Chapters. Luckily for me, they had a table for four available at 6:30pm and I booked it without any hesitation.

“How good will this restaurant be?” was a constant thought I had in the back of my mind.

The Restaurant

Arriving in Blackheath Village it was really easy to find the restaurant. The outside looked really elegant and sat well on the green among the other cute boutiques and niche restaurants and cafes. Upon entering I was warmly greeted by all of front of house, quickly checked-in and then escorted to my table which was reserved downstairs. This was exactly where I had wanted a table after viewing the restaurant’s online 360 gallery – I was planning on asking for a downstairs table so they’d already anticipated my need.

The main restaurant was buzzing but not noisy. Other diners looks relaxed and enjoying their meal. The decor of the restaurant is very pretty and airy; expect to see some exposed brickwork and a light colour scheme in the main area. Downstairs is a bit more intimate and luxurious with large mirrors, leather chairs and black & white artwork hung around the place. Once I was seated, the waiter explained the menu to me and asked if I would like anything to drink whilst waiting for my friends (I was the first to arrive). I ordered a latte and while it was being made, I was able to soak up the surroundings. The restaurant looked fantastic, the table was in the perfect location, and the waiter was friendly and attentive.


All the boxes in my mind were ticked; all that’s left now is the service and quality of the food.

The Food

After my latte, the waiter also offered me warm bread with butter which I happily accepted, I had two small slices as I didn’t want to fill myself up on the bread. Once my friends had arrived, we were given some more time to decide what we wanted. Only one of us ordered a starter which was the beef and Parmesan salad. It was so well presented we were all impressed. Our friend said it tasted amazing which was great, especially coming from someone who’s never had beef medium-well cooked before! Here’s a pic of what her starter looked like:

Beef & Parmesan Salad
Beef & Parmesan Salad

The rest of us decided we would just have the main course and possibly dessert instead. As we waited for our friend to finish eating, we all ordered the Easter Special (£29.95) – Spring lamb with Boulangere potatoes and English asparagus with a bottle of 2010 Shiraz Cabernet for two to share. For dessert, myself and a friend picked the white chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with pineapple and mango sorbet. The other two skipped dessert.

The Easter Special @ Chapters Restaurant
White Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake with Pineapple and Mango Sorbet
White Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake with Pineapple and Mango Sorbet

The food, again, was well presented and tasted absolutely amazing! Well seasoned, packed-full with flavour and the wine really complimented the meal. The dessert I personally thought could have been presented better in terms of imagination like the cheesecake I had at Boulevard Brasserie but it tasted heavenly so I can’t really complain. The cheesecake was rich and creamy and the sorbet was light but intense in flavour – it tasted like mango puree. Yum. Well done Chapters! 🙂 Throughout our dining experience, our host checked up on us to make sure we were all happy with our food but not in an intrusive way. It was their way of ensuring that we had the best dining experience and offer us assistance should we need anything else like another drink or order something else.


We all had a great time at Chapters (particularly the birthday girl) and I can say without a doubt that I will be back. Our total bill between four came up to just over £100 which works out roughly £25pp including service charge and VAT – cheap and cheerful. I highly recommend anyone going here for a meal or even just for a drink at the bar.

Whether you are dining with friends or with family, Chapters of Blackheath is a fantastic choice if you want a great meal (with good-sized portions) at a great price. I have also never heard of a restaurant that looks this great and promote that they are family-friendly like these guys! As I haven’t got here with LO yet (it is on our to-do list!) I can’t really comment but I am sure they would be as attentive and accommodating as they were with a group of four girls.

Go Chapters of Blackheath!



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