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I love trying out new subscription boxes whether it’s food, beauty and skincare, or in this case arts & crafts. I introduce to you… ToucanBox. It’s a fortnightly or monthly subscription service that sends out craft activities for you to do with your children. Upon sign-up the company gathers all the important info i.e. your name, address, how many children you want to subscribe, and the age of the child so they know what tasks are do-able for their age. You can also add information such as the types of things your children likes i.e. cars, toys, science, messy play, colours, etc.

For our first Toucan box, we signed up for the petite box which costs just £3.95 plus P+P.
The box is a fortnightly subscription with one activity per box.


For our box, we got a pirate activity. We needed to make a parrot and treasure map which was actually a lot of fun! The box included all the essentials we needed for the activity. We got a glue stick, paint brush, tea bag, paper, cut-out parrot, lolly stick, feathers, crayons, stickers, and instructions on how to make it as well as other promo stuff like cards to give others a complimentary box.

As LO won’t really know how to use the treasure map I decided we could still give it a go but not put too much pressure on how readable the map would be so I let him stain the paper (which I ended up doing by myself as LO got more excited over the stickers) and then he stuck the stickers on the paper once it dried and I drew the lines for him to make it a treasure map. We had some fun acting-out afterwards by using the map to pretend we were looking for hidden treasure eggs (Easter eggs we had left around the house). 🙂

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LO coloured in the parrot with the crayons and some felt tip pens that we had lying around as he couldn’t really use the crayons properly. He used the glue stick all by himself and stuck the feathers brilliantly with a bit of direction from mummy. 🙂 I helped him stick the eye in place because it would’ve been a little too tricky for him at 20 months old. I don’t think he’s mastered using his hands for crafts just yet.

LO and I really enjoyed our ToucanBox – it was a lot of fun and the activity was very simple and LO could easily enjoy doing to task without having his mummy constantly bothering him to do it. The only thing he really needed help with was the treasure map because he got bored of staining the paper really quickly I ended up doing it for him.


Overall, The Toucan craft box is really interesting and I can see it being a fantastic choice for children over 3 years old (the recommended age groups for the boxes are 3-6 years and 5-8 years). It would make a great activity option for rainy days or something to take with you on holiday. I would also recommend giving it a go even if your children are under 3 as they can still have fun with the boxes, they just won’t be able to get use it to its full potential. Although, saying that, we only ordered the ‘petite box’. There is a ‘super box’ which costs more (around £20) but it comes with a reading book and is a monthly subscription so it’s actually a better option in terms of price and value-for-money. Like all other subscription services, it’s free to cancel and you can do it at any time so there’s no need to worry about hidden charges, etc.

Have you tried ToucanBox petite or super box before?


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