Our First Time At London Zoo!


… and when I say “our” I really mean it was mine and LO’s first time at the zoo! 🙂

It’s kind of embarrassing when you’ve lived in London nearly all your life and have never been to London Zoo until the age of 25 – oh wells! We had a brilliant time despite the long queue upon arrival and an even longer queue at the restaurant and no ATM machines inside the vicinity. It was Easter Monday so we should’ve known it was going to be busy. With the weather being super-nice and sunny, this should’ve also triggered the warning signs.

LO and I met up with my friend and her son outside Camden Town station for noon-ish. The weather was lovely and I had never really been to Camden before so never got to experience the wonderful buzz the town has. It was amazing. As we passed through Parkway and headed up near to Regent’s Park we found London Zoo and what we thought was the entrance but it turned out that was the priority entrance and the actual entrance where we needed to go to buy tickets was further up the road and we had to wait in a queue that took around 20mins. No biggie – we had each other and snacks so it was all worth the wait.

LO At London Zoo
Toddler’s first time at the zoo!

Children under 3 can visit the zoo for free so if you have a toddler and visiting London, make sure you add the zoo to your list of things to do. Adult tickets cost around £25.00 which is quite pricey but for every ticket purchased, the zoo donates 10% percentage to Gift Aid at no cost to you.

We went to visit the gorillas and tigers first, then ended up visiting the children’s petting zoo and saw llamas, alpacas, pigs and a cute owl. After the children’s zoo we had a lovely lunch at the restaurant and then went on a carousel ride which was fun. We then went on to see the giraffe, butterflies, macaws, meerkats and the tropical fishes at the aquarium. Unfortunately after lunch and the carousel ride, LO got really tired and fell asleep. After seeing all the animals, we left the zoo with one souvenir; an African drum which was pricey at £19.95 however we both thought it was an excellent gift and the boys love their instruments so it wasn’t a wasted idea.




Before our journey home, my friend and I wanted to have our quick coffee fix so headed to Pret for a well-deserved sit down and sip of caffeine. LO was still sleeping but my friend ordered for her boy a babyccino which is just frothy milk topped with chocolate, like a coffee-free cappuccino! He loved the frothy milk and looked so cute drinking out of the tiny espresso cup I wish LO was awake to be able to experience it too. Feeling completely knackered but slightly more alive from the lattes we drank, we gave each other goodbye hugs and went our separate ways home. Looking back from the photos it was an amazing. Oh yeah! Upon entering the zoo we had our photos taken which were then available to buy upon leaving but after buying the drum, we couldn’t really afford the photo book which costed £20 each. Luckily for us, the lady was nice and offered us a deal of just the photos for £10 which we happily accepted and took the photos. We split the photos between us so we could both have a set of memories to keep… Fantastic! 🙂



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