Monday Morning Catch Up #4


It’s been flipping hectic this weekend that is all I can say. I guess the saying “no rest for the wicked” is correct then :)… I’m sitting on the bus to work typing this up so please accept my advance apologies for typos, bad spelling, incorrect grammar and what else have you as I won’t be able to edit this until tonight but need to get it out for today!

The weekend has been filled with fun! If anything, the “fun” didn’t really happen until Sunday but I’ll get on to that in a little bit. Friday… Hmm I can’t really recall what happened so I need to just consult with my diary… [takes out diary and looks]

Oh yes – we were supposed to have a family meal out with LO, my siblings and I but due to some ongoing family problems we had our nephew come to stay for the weekend (everyone seems to be staying at mine!) which I don’t mind as LO loves it and I love my nephew even though he can be a bit “too much” sometimes. It’s double-trouble when these two boys are together. So we just ordered a take-out instead which was just as nice to be honest.

Saturday was more of a “me” day as I didn’t really do anything with the kids. I met up with my fellow bridesmaids (I’m a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding in October – eek!) to discuss our progress on the wedding so far and what we’ve been getting up to with our assigned duties.

Today’s meeting was to also discuss our bridesmaid dress choices. The bride-to-be has been really flexible in letting us choose what we’d like to wear. Obviously the chosen dress would need the nod-of-approval from the bride but no forced designs so woop woop! We all unanimously (I think that’s how it is spelt – why is there no spell check button on the WP mobile app??) chosen a dress that fit the colour scheme – fuchsia – and the design compliments the dress perfectly. Happy bride, happy bridesmaids.

After reading Mummy In The City‘s post on the new play area at London Transport Museum, I couldn’t give up the chance of taking LO to go and see it and with my nephew around too I thought it’d be great for them both. I also invited my friend to bring her little girl to make it a proper day out for all of us as they hadn’t been either.

The London Transport Museum is in Covent Garden so the easiest way to get there is by Jubilee line to Waterloo then any bus towards Aldwych. The journey is quick and Waterloo has a lift for prams and buggies. The other option is to travel via National Rail to Charing Cross station and walk from there to Covent Garden. Now, with directions done, here’s photos of our day out.

We all had an amazing time. There’s an upstairs play area where the kids can enjoy dress-up play and imaginative play. They can drive the bus, be a passenger, be a tube conductor or even a staff member at lost property or an engineer. Downstairs was a larger play area with a double decker bus, black taxi, and thames clipper for the kids to enjoy and carry out their imaginative play. There was a chance for dressing-up in the large play area too.

If you are looking for a day out that would be educational and fun for the kids, the London Transport Museum is a great place to go. It’s fun for everyone, easily accessible with or with buggies and the staff are very helpful. Baby changing facilities accommodate  babies and even toddlers who are potty-training.

Tickets to the museum is £16.00 per adult and free for children (under 10). A ticket is an annual pass (they don’t offer one day tickets) and you’ll need to add your name to your ticket but it means you have 12 months of free access after your first visit to the museum which is perfect and works out cheap.

For more info on the new family zone play are, click here



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