It’s #WineWednesday – Fun Fact 2


Wine_Wednesdays_LogoAccording to Interesting Things, in Vietnam you can order a special wine beverage called “Cobra Wine”. However it is not a wine for the faint-hearted or the animal-lovers.

This extreme beverage is essentially rice-wine, covered with snake’s blood that is killed on the spot. You can even ask the waiter to add the snake’s heart to the mix as well! Not come to think of it, I think I do remember seing a home-made bottle of this at my friend’s house when I was younger. It belonged to their parents and was stashed away in their bedroom. (Exploring hidden items was my specialty when I was younger!)

Apparently, the snake’s blood is supposed to give the drinker more strength!


2 responses to “It’s #WineWednesday – Fun Fact 2”

    1. It does – I’ve never tasted it but I am sure it’s pretty potent!


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