MAS2K’s Carnival Theme For 2015 Is Revealed!


Masquerade 2000 has just revealed its theme for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival which is REVOLVE 3015

About a month ago I was invited to the private launch party and managed to get a sneak preview of what was in store for Carnival 2015. I posted up a sneaky peek of the costumes in my previous blog post (which you can see here) but was told I couldn’t give away too much yet as the official M2K’s carnival theme release date was set for 12/04/15.

… Now I can finally reveal some of the beautiful and colourful costumes that you can expect to see on the front-runners this summer!

What is ‘Revolve 3015’?

Well, my interpretation is that the People from the future (3015) have managed to develop time-travelling technology that allows them to return to the present (2015) to try to change our ways to prevent us from destroying the world and bringing humanity to an end. In a bid to save the world and all of humanity, the time-travellers need to change the moments that triggered the great disasters

“Masquerade 2K’s REVOLVE 3015 is a new fantasy theme merging the past, present day and future” – MAS2K

Click here for the company’s full explanation of the chosen theme.

It’s not a really far-fetched idea in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if humanity causes its own extinction earlier than that. When you look around, you can see that technology is really ‘taking over’; people are no longer interacting with each other unless it involves their mobile phones, or think about all those increasing number of oil rigs in our oceans affecting all the natural life down there. Don’t get me wrong – I love technology but when is enough really enough?

Anyway, let’s stop all of this deep talk, it’s making me feel depressive – let’s look at something more beautiful! 🙂

IMG_1668IMG_1671IMG_1675IMG_1682IMG_1678 IMG_1681The head lady, Margaret Hamilton who is Masquerade 2000’s band leader (really lovely lady!) mentioned that Mas2K wanted to try a different approach to the types of materials and mediums to use this year. Last year’s carnival they went all out with feathers but due to the horrible downpour, the costumes didn’t look half as amazing as they should have done so in hindsight, Masquerade 2000 have incorporated use of different attention-grabbing materials like sequins and tassels instead. Feathers will always be a part of carnival and Margaret has said they will still be keeping feathers in the designs but they won’t be a significant feature to the costumes like last year. However she has assured us that this will not affect the beauty or attention-grabbing qualities of their designs.

I am really keen to see what else Masquerade 2000 has to offer at the Notting Hill Carnival this year – it’s going to be a good one with good weather too (fingers crossed!). If you would like to know more about Masquerade or interesting in taking part with Masquerade 2000 in the Notting Hill Carnival 2015, please click on the following link:

NB. I was kindly invited to attend this event for my blog. All words, photos and opinions are mine. Please do not use my images without permission.


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