I Mune Nurture Fruity Water Drink Review

The Greenwich Mummy | I Mune Nurture Drink Review

I love giving LO a variety to eat and drink but my gosh does he love fruity squash! Juices can be really high in sugars due to the high level of natural sugars that exists in the fruits hence why squash is deemed a little better in terms of lower sugar content. This is why I wanted to review the I Mune Nurture drinks for children.

I was diagnosed with GD (gestational diabetes) in my third trimester which kind of caught me by surprise however I must admit, I did have quite a sweet tooth during my pregnancy which I took for granted in the first two trimesters. I had to completely change my diet and cut down/cut out sugars otherwise I would need insulin shots. I’d also would’ve been putting myself and my unborn baby at risk so I knew to stop. Ever since then, I have been very cautious of what I give LO – he does get a little treat to juice every now and then but we mainly stick to good old water or very watered-down sugar-free squash.

I never knew that drinks like I Mune Nurture existed so when I found out there was such a drink and it’s readily available at my local supermarket (Tesco Extra) I was over the moon. The fact that their drinks contain added nutrients was very appealing to me and I wanted to let LO have a try and review it.

The Greenwich Mummy | I Mune Nurture Drink Review
You can see a list of the nutritional values in each drink on their website (photo credit: Imune Nurture)

I Mune Nurture Drinks

The drinks come in two flavours; strawberry and orange, and are packed full with added nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium and zinc. The whole drink is made up of 50% juice and 50% water so it’s better for the children (sugar-wise) than juice but tastier than plain water.

I think they are great as they have been created founded by parents with young children, that’s what makes the company that extra bit special. They’ve also designed the pouches for little hands to hold and drink from easily. I love the fact that the drinks are sugar-free too because it means it’s better on his teeth and won’t affect his blood sugar levels. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy | I Mune Nurture Drink Review

The Greenwich Mummy | I Mune Nurture Drink Review

The Verdict?

LO really loves it as he really loves pouch-style drinks already. I usually to get a lot of the baby purée pouches as he is still obsessed with them at 20 months old (the ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ fruit ones) so I was very happy to see him give these Nurture drinks a try. That means I can get him more of these drinks than those baby purees – yay!

The pouches were also much larger than I expected – which is a good thing, of course. I’m no good with knowing how big 200ml is without looking at another pouch to compare (which I didn’t have at the time) so I thought it would be too much for LO and that he wouldn’t finish it but I couldn’t be any more wrong. He finished the whole pack then an hour later, he finished the other one. I will definitely have to buy him some more of both because he seems to like both flavours although I think he’ll eventually go for the strawberry one more as he loves strawberries.

Available At Tesco Extra

The fruity drinks are available at all Tesco Extra stores nationwide. If you’re having trouble locating your store, you can send an email to and they’ll be happy to help you locate one. Alternatively you can buy it online from, Holland & Barratts and Ocado.

If your children have tried the drinks before, let me know what you think of them by commenting below. Which flavour did your little one prefer?


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NB. We collaborated with Imune Nurture on this post. All words, opinions and photos are my own. Photos that have been sourced externally have been credited respectively.


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