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It’s nearly payday and I’ve been looking at a few things to get LO for his bedroom. I want to revamp it soon but I’m not sure whether I want to paint it, or leave it white and just use self-adhesive borders and stickers instead to decorate it.

I recently bought these really cute cloud self-adhesive hooks from Ebay. I then had a light-bulb moment and thought why not use clouds as a theme?

Cheap self-adhesive cloud hooks from Ebay

My Etsy Wishlist

I took some time out to look through what Etsy had to offer because I thought it would be easier to find cloud decor on there than anywhere else. I tried to look on Ebay but there was nothing worthy of purchasing. After trolling through Etsy for an hour and a half I found some wonderful cloud themed items and a little something for myself along the way. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy | Etsy Wishlist

  1. Cloud crochet rug (North Star Knits On Etsy, £36.10)
  2. New Baby Shower Gift Set (Pink Pear Tree Gifts, fr. £16.23)
  3. Moroccan Rose Skincare Set (Raven CT Apothecary, fr. £15.00)
  4. Hand Painted Cloud Ceramic Plate (Susan Simonini, £23.31)
  5. Set of 2 Raindrop Wall Hooks (Shop Littles, £15.56)
  6. Small Cloud Wall Shelf (Shop Littles, 26.05)
  7. 90x90inches Blue Goddess Mandala Tapestry (Lavish Jaipur, £13.52)

I was really surprised to find so many cloud designs on there! I really love the ceramic plate, the cloud shelf and raindrop hooks. They’re just too cute and exactly what I’ve been looking for. 🙂

The wall hanging and skincare set is just a little something that I’d like for myself (I love Moroccan inspired things) and the baby shower gift is simply adorable and will come in handy for the few mother-to-be’s that I know. At my previous workplace I received a similar gift but it was in the form of a bouquet which was beautiful and a really thoughtful gift. If you’re still not too sure what it is; it’s a selection of bodysuits, socks, hats or bibs rolled up to look like cupcakes in this case. If you would like to know what the bouquet looks like, check out this one from Baby Blooms.

Is there anything you’ve found on Etsy that you love? Let me know with a comment below. 

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2 responses to “Home & Kids: My Etsy Wishlist”

  1. i like number 1 its cute

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you it’s so cute! Etsy has so many cute things to buy 🙂


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