Kids: My Mothercare Wishlist


Back to my online shopping again and this time, I’ve decided to check out the Mothercare website. I’ve been getting so many promotional emails from the company about new sale items and special offers I thought I would check it out and make myself a little wishlist of their cute little toys for LO.

The Greenwich Mummy | My Mothercare Wishlist

My Mothercare Wishlist
  1. Mothercare Little Beep Beep Cotbed Duvet and Pillowcase Set, £24.99
  2. ELC My First Sand and Water Table, £25.00
  3. Ladybird Baby Touch Moo Moo Tab Book, £7.99
  4. ELC Wooden London Bus, £20.00
  5. Personalised Storybook- ‘My Name Is…’£19.99

Okay, so the duvet set isn’t a toy but I found it so cute I had to add it into the wishlist. It’s also a very good price – I’ve only got little fleece and cellular blankets for LO and I’m looking to get him a proper duvet now so will need bedding for it and found this the perfect one for him. He loves cars. 🙂

We don’t have any outdoor space apart from a balcony and it’s so bare. I still need to purchase a bistro dining set and would love to get something fun for LO and thought about the sand & water table and thought it would be cool for him to use out there. I know it could get a bit messy so I think I’ll need to get a waterproof mat to put underneath so that any sand and water spillages can be easily cleaned up.

I’ve never purchased any wooden toys for LO and thought it would be a good time to start getting him one now and what better than this super-cute push-along bus with actual wooden characters to put on to the bus! So cute! He will definitely enjoy the bus as we saw one when we went to the London Transport Museum and he couldn’t stop playing with it. With the books, I found the touch and feel animal book really cute and the personalised story book would make a cute present for young children. It’s not got great reviews so it may be trial and error with this one. There’s many other companies that specialise in personalised books etc but I guess it’s more convenient to just get everything under one roof. Mothercare have currently put on an online 3-for-2 promotion on children’s books.

Have you bought anything from Mothercare lately or know if any other special offers? Share your comments below. 🙂

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