Monday Morning Catch Up #8

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Okay so I’ve been slacking a bit with my Monday morning posts for the past two weeks – I really need to get back into the swing of writing up posts in advance and scheduling them but just haven’t been able to find time. I know this post will be on Tuesday but please think of it as Monday’s for me (pretty please!) 🙂

The weekend that has just gone has been packed full of interesting things but silly me I forgot to take photos of the days so I am afraid it’s text-only for this week’s catch-up.

LO had a lovely time seeing grandma and going out for a little walk in Eltham. We was with my nephew Lils who then decided it would be fun to throw a massive uncontrollable tantrum on a busy bus and LO decided to join him in the howling. It was cringey and I wanted to world to swallow me at that moment but then I realised this is normal and was bound to happen sooner or later so I had to just embrace it along with the evil disapproving looks and tutting and remarks like “this bus [journey] is a nightmare” however as I was so tired, the comments and looks didn’t bother me. 5-10mins later it turned out that Lils was simply restless and tired and all he needed was a cuddle to go to sleep which he eventually did, bless him.

We stayed indoors and the boys played to their hearts’ content and I was able to have a little rest. Looking after these two can be a proper workout physically, mentally and emotionally. They had a lovely splash together for bath time and looked at sort books together. It seems a little monkey/jungle book LO has was the most interesting one to read which I did read to them before they went off to play again.

Sunday’s weather was much better and Lils went home Saturday night so LO was a little sad. I decided to take him out to a little park at a nearby estate. It was lovely and as it’s not a park one would travel out to visit, he was the only child there. He didn’t mind, he actually loved it more because it meant he had the slide all to himself which is what he loves! 🙂

After a fun 30mins on the slide we went home and had a nap. That evening we went to see our other grandma (daddy’s mum) and LO’s aunt and uncles. He loved it and had a brilliant time seeing the family and I had the chance to proper catch up with my in-laws which is always nice!

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