Monday Morning Catch Up #9

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

A really busy week it’s been… So much so that I should have put up a “blog on vacation” sign in advance to make you all aware but I was too caught up in my situation I didn’t really think about it until yesterday hence the mini-hiatus post. I will create a “blog on vacation” page in case I’ll need it again for any future hiatus.

This wonderful day was lovely but very long. We had another family communion that we needed to attend. As the previous outfit we had bought for LO didn’t fit we had to skip the church and go looking for an outfit. We managed to find a really cute pair of jeans from George by Asda which was cheap and cheerful. It also went really well with his denim shirt and brown moccasins shoes. I also did finger coils in his hair which lasted all day, which I am very surprised about.

We actually didn’t get home from the communion party until 1:30am as it was our family gathering we had to stay behind to help out and both daddy and I don’t drive so we had to wait for a lift from the family. LO was still full of beans – probably from the can of fizzy pop he drank at the party.

Our Sunday was a lie-in for us and time to recover. Daddy had to leave early for Manchester to watch the live game between Man. United vs Arsenal which was a “good game” (daddy’s words). For LO and I, we stayed in all day and Lils came round – LO was thrilled to see him. We had a late dinner as no-one got up until 10/11am and had couscous with broccoli and some of the leftover fried chicken and goat meat from the party. It was delish! 🙂


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