Review: Personalised Father’s Day Gifts From Snapfish UK


Father’s Day is approaching thick and fast ladies! If you haven’t got a gift for your hubby or dad just yet or still stuck for ideas, don’t fret as this post will hopefully give you some gift ideas you might like too.

Also dubbed as “F’Day” or “Daddy’s Day” falls on Sunday 21st June 2015 and it’s about under a month away. I was really stuck for ideas until I came across Snapfish and the wonderful offers on photo books, mugs and prints they have at the moment in the lead up to F’Day. I had £40 to spend and really wanted to get something lovely and useful for LO’s daddy.

I have purchased from Snapfish before and really liked the amazing variety of products they have, the high quality of the products, and their delivery service was quite quick.


The gifts I chose

Looking on the Snapfish website, I was completely stuck for ideas at first. I thought a photo book would make an amazing gift however I didn’t realise that when you delete photos from an iPhone it will also remove itself from the iCloud so I didn’t have enough photos. I hadn’t backup my phone either as I didn’t have a computer so all of those precious photos are gone… sad times. 😦

After sifting through the endless selections on Snapfish, I looked at the Father’s Day page for inspiration. I’d finally decided that instead of getting just one gift for LO’s daddy, I’ll get a selection of gifts instead!

The items I chose were:

Here’s a photo of everything I bought for under £40

The Greenwich Mummy | Snapfish Review

All of this for under £40?! I can definitely say that is a bargain! I didn’t think I would actually get that much for my money as the photo book that I wanted with all the trimmings was going to cost me £30-something pounds and a single glass photo block was around the same price I couldn’t believe that I could get 5 things for the same price.

Quick & easy from ordering to delivery

The creation process was simple and relatively simple to complete. The longest bit is uploading the photos onto the website but after that, it’s simply a matter of click-selecting the photos you want to use and the website does the rest… Simples! I chose to repeat a few of the photos as I mainly just wanted images of LO and his daddy together.

The photo panel I thought would make a great addition to our bookcase that’s filled with family photos. The photo collage mouse mat came as an idea as we currently use soft-cover books for improvisation lol *embarrassed face* and the jigsaw puzzle would make a great little game for daddy and LO to play with on F’Day. We are big tea drinkers in our family and I remember LO’s daddy being so envious of my photo mug so I ordered a massive 15oz photo mug for him. The keyring was a cute last-minute add-on item that I chose as it was cheap and cheerful. Everything arrived ahead of schedule however it was not all shipped out in one big box. Most of the items arrived separately however maybe that’s because the order was slightly bigger.

*update: I have been told that this is due to the nature of the products and as some may be more fragile/delicate than others and they have different manufacturing/processing times therefore it’s not possible for items to arrive together in one bulk box.*

I think daddy is going to be very happy with his gifts – now the hardest bit is to hide them all from him! He’s already getting suspicious so I will have to just put them all in a large gift bag and hide in the back of my wardrobe. 🙂

Interested in making your own Snapfish creations?

Get 40% off across all items on the website including the Father’s Day range using discount code: SFBLOGS

If you decide to purchase your gifts online, get up to 40% off items across the site using my special Snapfish discount code (expires 15/06/15). This is an exclusive code that is only available to you so you won’t find it anywhere else on the web. Just make sure you place it by Monday 15th June 2015 as this is the last order date for Father’s Day deliveries.

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature

NB. I worked with Snapfish on this post for their Father’s Day personalised gifts campaign. All words and opinions and photos are my own.


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