Monday Morning Catch Up #11


… I know – it’s no longer the morning but it is still Monday so I get some points for still publishing something right?!

It’s not really been that hectic but I’ve gotten out of the swing of scheduling posts in advance – I have so much to catch up on! I hadn’t even realised that I did not even post anything during the whole week last week! (Tut Tut! *slaps wrist*) – I really need to get things going again.

The Whole of Last Week…

So the whole of last week, what did I do? The thing is, my memory never lets me remember that far back! I remember last week Monday was pretty “okay”… Tuesday & Friday I was at work which was also “okay”… Wednesday and Thursday mornings were super cool as I was with my Beanstalk children. They all finished reading their first book. One of the little children who is quite shy read the whole book by herself on Thursday and I couldn’t be any more proud – I can’t believe how much progress they have already made! The other two children are good readers and read well by themselves and I can see already what kind of books excite them and what doesn’t. After my reading sessions, I usually head into town for a spot of mini shopping but last week was so broke, I had to resort to window-shopping. (sad times!)

We also had a couple days of sun so I managed to take LO to the nearby park after nursery. He loves the park – if only it weren’t for my hayfever I would be out all day at the park with him but unfortunately no matter how many hayfever tablets, sprays etc I use, I can’t get protection all day. 😦

The Greenwich Mummy
In the park – fascinated by the big leaf!

Saturday was the day The Greenwich Centre was opened. It’s a new building that hosts a library, leisure centre and a council customer service section all under one roof. It’s a pretty cool place and the library is pretty cute. Take a look at my recent post on The Greenwich Centre opening to learn more… otherwise just take a look at the cool exterior below:

The new Greenwich Centre is now open

Sunday was a lovely chillout kind-of-day… I didn’t my nephew Lil’s around this weekend so the day went by much slower which was quite nice to have a quiet Sunday for the first time again in a long time. I managed to have enough time on my hands to make a lamb roast complete with garden veggies and even a little Vietnamese dessert made with grass jelly and soya milk. I also made myself a lovely iced coffee using condensed milk, ice, and instant coffee granules…. Yum!

The Greemwich Mummy | Roast Lamb
Delicious roast lamb with mint stuffing & vegetables

I hope everyone’s weekend was a blast – let’s get ready for the week ahead!

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature


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