Flavour of The Month: Chocolate

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Flavor of the Month: Chocolate

I recently came across Oh My Glai’s blog and found a wonderful new blog challenge to take part in called “Flavor of the Month“. Glai selects a flavour each month then those who participating in the challenge will need to create a post about it. The best thing is that the the response post can be about anything that is related to that flavour whether it’s a food, recipe, product, poem, photo, collage, whatever you fancy. So without further ado, let me introduce you to June’s FOTM.

This month’s flavour is dedicated to… CHOCOLATE (yay!)

We all (well, the most of us) love chocolate and there are many good reasons why we should including it being high in anti-oxidants, help our ‘happy hormones’ kick in, and being so versatile that we can eat it and even use it on skin to wash and bathe in.

Here’s my list of my favourite chocolatey things:

Homemade Chocolate Brownies

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

Without a doubt, chocolate brownies are my favourite! I love to bake them as they taste so much better homemade than shop-bought. Most restaurants, patisseries or bakeries that sell brownies will also taste good but nothing beats the divine taste home-baking though.

I adapted my own recipe from the BBC Good Food website. It’s a simply and easy-to-follow recipe that gives you mouth-watering results each time. I serve my brownies with cream, and occasionally with fresh raspberries or strawberries on the side. If you like a bit of an added dimension to your brownies, why not add in nuts such as almond, hazelnut or macadamia?

Caffe Nero’s Hot Chocolate with Cream

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of The Month: Chocolate

Caffe Nero do the best hot chocolates ever… I swear by it. It must be the chocolate powder or whatever it is they use that makes it so creamy and rich. It’s almost like drinking melted chocolate but minus that sickly feeling as it’s not as sweet as some other cheap hot chocolate drinks I’ve bought. The cream on top is always delicious and the chocolate sprinkles makes the whole thing look pretty. You can see my Instagram photo of my Caffe Nero hot chocolate from Manchester looking very similar to the standard in the Google Image above. When you want a high quality hot choc with a lot of cream on top… you now know where to go. 😉

Lindt Chocolate Bars

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

My favourite chocolate company so far – I haven’t sampled chocolates from the fancier chocolatiers such as Goddiva and Hotel Chocolat but will one day. For now, I am quite content with Lindt chocolate bars. I really love their milk chocolate truffles but the Excellence bars are absolutely out of this world! My favourites are: 85% dark chocolate, intense orange, and roast almonds.

Nakd Chocolate Bars

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

When I’m trying to eat more healthy, I opt for my favourite raw chocolate bar instead. Nakd Cocoa Delight is my favourite and is made from dates, raisins, cashews, and cocoa… nothing else. Pure goodness! These are available in your local supermarkets i.e. Sainsburys and Tesco and you can also find them in health food stores like Holland & Barratts. They’re super tasty!

Natural Yoghurt, Honey & Raw Cacao Powder

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

Continuing on from the healthy-eating, this dessert is my absolute fav. I actually made it up at home and hadn’t realised there are other people out there who have done the same! It’s like chocolate dessert minus the bad stuff i.e. additives, sweetners, flavourings, etc. It’s simply natural yoghurt (or Greek natural yoghurt) whatever you prefer with a squeeze of honey and a tablespoon on raw cacao powder. I love a big spoonful of the cacao as the bitter taste is amazing but if you don’t like the taste, maybe try it with a teaspoon of cacao instead. It’s a really strong flavour – for a bit of extra special-ness I substitute the honey for a dollop of strawberry conserve which reminds me of a chocolatey strawberry muller corner… Yum!

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Face Masque

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

An at-home facial is always recommended and if it there’s an option to include chocolate into the mix, I will surely jump to it. This shop-bought facial masque is available in drugstores i.e. Boots and Superdrugs as well as supermarkets. I love this particular brand as they do not test on animals and are made with natural ingredients. It smells like real chocolate (made with creamed cocoa butter and cocoa beans) and is a very creamy mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and supple afterwards. At only £1 a pack, it’s a great weekly or bi-weekly treat!

Original Source Chocolate & Mint Shower Gel

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

I really try to be careful when selecting body and face products. I usually look for products that are animal-friendly and as natural as possible. My favourite chocolate shower gel is by Original Source; the chocolate and mint is simply divine. My skin is never dry afterwards and the scent smells so good. Chocolate and mint is one of the best choco-combos out there!

Chocolate Scented Pens

The Greenwich Mummy | Flavour of the Month: Chocolate

These are from my childhood memories – not this exact brand but scented pens were all the rage throughout my primary school and secondary school days. I always loved the chocolate-smelly pens and the strawberry one which always smells like strawberry milkshake. 🙂

So that is my list of my favourite things – I hope you enjoyed them and hope it brought to you some chocolatey nostalgia. If you would like to take part in this cool challenge, check out Oh My Glai‘s page for more details.

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In response to Oh My Glai’s Flavor of the Month challenge

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  1. What a fab idea. Love your post and will check out the blog. Sammie

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    1. Thank you Sammie – it’s a brilliant blog challenge! I can’t wait for the next one she’s got lined up for us. Will you take part as well? 🙂


  2. […] month’s FOTM was Chocolate and my, oh my was it a good topic! I love chocolate and love the many uses for it from eating and […]


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