Share Your World 2015 | Week #25

Share your World 2015

Cee’s Share Your World Challenge 2015

I’ve finally taken part in this challenge – I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but keep forgetting until the weekend comes. Here’s my answers to Week 25. I hope you’ve learned a bit more about myself and not too bored with me haha 🙂

If you want to learn more about this challenge, click the link to Cee’s blog here.

What did you or did not like about the first apartment you ever rented?
The first apartment I rented was when I was at university. As I started my degree in January (yes, some unis in the UK allows students to do this) I wasn’t able to get accommodation through Halls of Residence like the majority of first-year students so I had to rent privately. It was a one-bedroom top floor flat in a Victorian house and it was beautiful. It was really light and airy and I loved it. The only thing I didn’t like was how freezing cold it got in winter. These houses are no good at insulating heat.

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?
My favourite art would be installation art like Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Koons, and Anish Kapoor. I think it’s because I love seeing art in 3D as it does really add another element to the work and can really incorporate all of the 5 senses which 2D artwork cannot do.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?
I have 4 in total and I am the eldest out of us. The order goes; me, my sister, younger sister, younger twin brothers. We’re all born in August apart from the sister born just after myself who was born in March.

Complete this sentence:  I’m dreaming of a white …. (and no you can’t use Christmas as your answer)
… dress for my upcoming birthday. I’ve always wanted to wear a stunning white dress and had lace one made by a friend last year which I haven’t worn yet. I guess I will wear it this year! 🙂

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful that LO still loves the water and remembers some of our swimming techniques we learnt at Water Babies a while back. LO loves swimming so much and I can see that he is kicking much better in the water. I’ve decided to make it a regular weekend thing now so he can get really good at it.

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3 responses to “Share Your World 2015 | Week #25”

  1. I’m thrilled that you participated in SYW this week. I really enjoyed reading your responses. I bet your white dress is stunning. Welcome aboard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cee! I love your challenges – they are so fun. I definitely prefer this to the oddball challenge ( I will leave that to you great togs!) PS the white dress is really lovely. Will have to put up a pick when I’ve got my bday post up in August. 🙂


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