Monday Morning Catch Up #13

Woo hoo! What a week it’s been?! We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather – some days were a bit unbearable with temperatures soaring to over 30 degree Celsius in London. A little too hot for my liking to be honest but it was great to get some nice sunshine.

Unluckily, on Friday LO came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease – a virus that mainly affects children and symptoms include blisters on the hands and feet, white patches/spots/lesions on the tongue and ulcers inside the mouth. After seeing the GP, they told me that as it’s a virus, nothing can really be done about it apart from trying to encourage LO to carry on eating and drinking, keeping his mouth clean by brushing regularly and to give him liquid paracetamol to help with the pain. If the ulcers become infected (secondary infection) then he’d need to see the doctor again to get antibiotics. I am hoping it doesn’t get to that stage.

So this weekend, we’ve just been indoors. LO’s been really cranky and clingy since he came down with HF&M however when he is feeling a bit better, he is playing like normal which is good news. On Thursday I took LO to the children’s playground at Greenwich Royal Park. It was brilliant and not too busy, probably because it was a Thursday evening. Here’s a few snaps from our evening that day:

Monday Morning Catch Up

Monday Morning Catch Up

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