Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door”

Whitecliffe Bay Holiday Park, Isle of Wight

This is not really a great photograph but the story behind this photo (or this door shall I say) will be forever embedded in my mind. It was summer 2008 and the family decided on a spur-of-the-moment family trip to Isle of Wight. We were a big group of friends and family and booked a 2-night stay at the Whitecliffe Bay holiday park. Our door is the one on the right; number 27.

Being Vietnamese, we are always naturally very superstitious – luckily, most superstitions I do not believe in however I do believe in spirits. I understand that not everyone shares this belief which is totally fine but I, myself have seen and experienced things that cannot be explained before so I believe that there are such things as ghosts and spirits. Apparently from what I remember from the parents saying was that the only reason why this room wasn’t booked up (the rest of the park which was fully booked) was because someone had died in there a long time ago (the holiday park owner told them so). Now, I am not too convinced that is entirely true but hey, who knows… So anyway we were all enjoying our lovely day here and the first night some of us slept well while some didn’t.

Mum’s friend said she saw a “ghost” that night – I didn’t see anything but I don’t believe she was making it up either. That night I did get that weird feeling sometimes you get when you can feel the presence of a stranger in the room. I disregarded the feeling and kept my thoughts to myself but after mum’s friend told us what she’d seen the next morning, my mum told me she also felt a weird presence that night. We were a little spooked to be honest. Thinking about it now and writing this still gives me the chills, I can literally feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now… not great.

However, this stranger’s presence did not feel negative nor hostile but mum and I agreed that we were to not mention it to the children and would all need to go and stay at the other home on the park site which our other family friends had rented out. Mum tried to stay that night at number 27 with her friend but a few hours later they both came round to the other home saying that the “strange presence” felt more dominant and they didn’t want to stay. Luckily we were only staying here for 2 nights so the day after we got ready to leave. The trip was amazing despite getting the willies but I would definitely go back… just not to greet that door again though.

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