Self Reflection And Expression Through Drawing


I’ve been self-reflecting a lot more these past few months however I haven’t been able to express it on here like before. LO has been very demanding these past couple of months. I am not sure if it’s because he’s now moved to the toddler room at nursery or because he is approaching that scary “Terrible Twos” stage.

I’ve also decided to get a bit creative again – I let LO do some drawings then I went over them with my own little doodle designs. Here’s a pic of what I did:

Our doodles

LO’s doodles are in pencil and mine are in pen. I just let my hand and mind flow, there was no “set” idea and this is what I came up with… quite beautiful I thought. When I look at it really abstractly, I feel like I can see a 3/4 profile portraiture. Can you see what I see too? Or do you see something else?

I plan to do a little more reflecting on myself this week too so I will only be posting up the “usuals” which are the blog challenges and my own weekly posts such as the #HTOTW (hashtag of the week) ones. I’ve been thinking about life; work, family, love and friendship a lot more recently than ever before. Maybe it’s due to the stress levels rising… i’m constantly tired and just wish my birthday was coming round quicker. 🙂

For LO’s birthday we have booked Legoland!! We’re going next week – we are all excited but especially me as I’ve wanted to go for so long and now I can finally get the chance to go! I will definitely be taking loads of photos and will post some up on here the week after. Well, I am getting a bit tired now. It’s 10:44pm so I think it’s time to go and rest. LO is also still awake so I need to put the little monster to bed. Good night everyone!

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One response to “Self Reflection And Expression Through Drawing”

  1. Peacocks, butterflies and definitely some kind if a potrait. Legoland would be soooo fun!!!

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