Flavour of the Month: Coffee


Flavor of the Month: Coffee

This month’s flavour is one that I really cherish and cannot live without… coffee! 🙂

This lovely flavour can be enjoyed in many ways; caffeinated or decaffeinated, hot or cold, with milk or without milk, eaten, drunk or even applied to the body –  it’s entirely up to you!

Here are some delightful images I have found on Google of my favourite coffee-flavoured things. Enjoy!

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature


2 responses to “Flavour of the Month: Coffee”

  1. I’m with you on coffee! That image is amazing!!! I’ll have mine black, no sugar..and sometimes I indulge in frappucinos. 🙂

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  2. […] black, breakfast type teas, rather than the fruity options preferred in other countries. And, while coffee is also a popular drink across the UK with around 70 million cups enjoyed every day, tea consumption is more than double […]


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