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CND Shellac

I LOVE Shellac. I think you may have gathered that by now with my numerous Manicure Monday posts revolving around this special polish. I have come to realise I never gave itthe proper heads-up so this post is dedicated to my love for CND Shellac.

What is Shellac?
The first time I heard about shellac was when I was working at a nail salon doing manicures and pedicures. They told me about this amazing service that offers the wearer a guaranteed 2-week manicure (full 14 days worth of wear) before it needs to be removed. Shellac is the actual name of the CND’s branded gel polish however as it’s become so popular, the generalised term is used to describe all kinds of soak-off gel polishes is ‘shellac’. It’s applied on to the nail like standard polishes but needs to cure a UV or LED to set. A base coat is needed, then two coats of the colour, then a top coat application and that’s it.

Here are some quick facts about Shellac…

    • It’s a gel polish that cures under UV or LED light
    • Shellac comes in all different colours. You can get opaque, sheer, semi-sheer, metallic, and glittery ones.
    • It’s relatively easy to apply and takes only 1-2 mins to cure each layer which is super fast and there is NO DRYING TIME so you’re ready to go as soon as you’ve cured the top coat.
    • Removal is also super easy. It takes about 10 minutes and just needs to be taken off with foil wraps.

Why I like it:
It’s uber shiny. Chip-free. Smudge-free. There’s no drying time… What more can you ask for in a polish?

The Greenwich Mummy | #ManicureMonday
My CND Shellac nails

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