How To Keep Your Skin Looking Good This Winter

My 7 Top Tips For Winter Skin Survival

It’s no surprise that extreme weather plays havoc on our skin. The drastic change from being outdoors in the freezing cold to being warm and cozy indoors with the heating on full-blast can cause the skin to dry out and (over time) become environmentally sensitive.

The Dollar Shave Club asked me to share some of my skin saviour tips with you guys so I’ve put together my 7 top tips for winter skin survival… I hope ya’ll find it useful! 🙂

Photo Credit: Telegraph

Advice #1: Turn down the heating
An obvious one really, but having the radiator on constantly and at a high temperature sucks up all the moisture in the air. It also has the same effect on your skin.

Tip: Put bowl of water next to the radiator. The water in the bowl will evaporate and replace the loss of moisture in the air. Depending on the temp of your home, you may find your bowl of water drying out quicker than expected – if this is the case and you can’t live without the heater being on constant, invest in an air humidifier (preferably with a purifier built-in). I got mine from a mail-order rep, it’s a SensuAir globe and I can add essential oils in the water to make it a bit nicer. 🙂

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Advice #2: Long, hot baths can cause sagging skin
Hot baths, like heating, dries out skin so have your water around body temperature at the highest which is around 37-39°C degrees celsius (98-102°F). Any hotter will not only strip your skin of its natural oils but can also affect your skin’s elasticity and make you feel lethargic.

Tip: Don’t soak for too long or have a shower instead. If you can’t resist a hot steamy bath, just have it occasionally and make sure you always moisturise afterwards. If you have a hot shower, follow it with a cold shower as this helps to stimulate the skin and help it to tighten and tone.

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Advice #3: Drink water
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and plump all year round, not just in summer. Our bodies are made up of around 30% water after all.

Tip: Water keeps our skin hydrated so drinking enough of the stuff in winter is just as beneficial as drinking it in the hotter months.

Photo Credit: Google

Advice #4: Moisturise – day and night
A good moisturiser will help to keep your skin hydrated and looking good. Don’t skip this step even if you think you don’t need it because you really do. Moisturisers keep the skin looking plump and hydrated and can act as a barrier to nasty environmental pollutants.

Tip: If you can, invest in a good night cream, serum or facial oil. These night creams provides your skin with additional moisture and moisturisers with retinol can help improve skin cell renewal whilst you sleep.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Advice #5: Exfoliate regularly
Exfoliate your skin to get rid of that dull complexion. Exfoliating helps to slough away those dead skin cells, promote skin cell renewal and get your skin glowing again. There’s so many ways to exfoliate; manually or mechanically with a skin brush (which are amazing by the way!) or using a good facial scrub.

Microdermabrasion facials and glycolic skin peels are great alternatives and will give you instant results – just make sure you visit a reputable medical spa or skin clinic. I highly recommend SK:N clinic. They have 38 clinics nationwide (UK) and the staff are fully qualified and medically trained.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with the exfoliating – it should be performed as a weekly treatment unless you have a daily exfoliator. When choosing an exfoliator, think about your skin type. If you have dry skin you can choose grainier scrubs but if you have active acne or acne-prone skin a creamy exfoliator may be a better option as it won’t exacerbate the acne or cause them to burst and spread infection.

Photo Credit: Google

Advice #6: Raw is best
Swap your body moisturiser for 100% raw and unrefined products like coconut oil, shea butter, and argan oil. These natural products don’t contain any preservatives or additional ingredients. It’s also much cheaper than store-bought moisturisers that contain a minuscule amount the ingredients.

Remember that some oils like raw, unrefined coconut oil is a solid in its natural state. Only when it’s warmed up it’ll turn into an oil so don’t think your coconut oil has gone off when if it’s solidified. Raw, unrefined products have distinctive smells; raw coconut smells mild and sweet but raw shea smells nutty and slightly woody.

Tip: Make sure you know what you are looking for as when it comes to these kind of products as the term ‘natural’ does get used very loosely. For example, a coconut cooking oil can be pure and natural but it wouldn’t be nice to use on your body, nor do it any good. Instead, look for words like “raw”, “unrefined”, “virgin/extra virgin” which describes the product as it’s sold in its natural state post-extraction.

Photo Credit: Really Ree

Advice #7: Have a facial
Treating yourself to a facial may seem like a luxury but you don’t have to spend loads on one or even leave your home. If you can’t afford to visit a spa, DIY at home!

Tip: Good basic facials should consist of a cleanse, exfoliation, face mask, tone and moisturise. Perform some facial massage techniques to really get the skin stimulated and work those products into the skin.

For men
The next time you go for your shave, make sure you book a facial too as it’ll leave your skin feeling its best. If you mainly shave at home, invest in a good razor and change your blades regularly to get the best shave. The Dollar Shave Club can help you out if you need some grooming advice.

*NB. I collaborated with the Dollar Shave Club to promote their latest winter skincare campaign. All words and opinions are my own. The photos used in this post have been credited to their original source respectively.


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