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The Greenwich Mummy | Bohemian Living Wishlist

  1. BHS Babushka easy-fit chandelier light, £45
  2. Habitat Cato desk in sage green, £125
  3. Small macrame plant hanger, £25
  4. Trellis patterned self-adhesive wallpaper, £25.49
  5. Orange Indian star mandala wall hanging tapestry, £12.90
  6. Sikri Kilim hand loom wool rug in teal, £44.99
  7. 16x16in Indian Suzani vintage cushion cover (orange),  £3.85
    Turkish Kilim hand-woven wool cushion cover (red), £9.50
  8. 60cm Chunky knit round pouffe in cream, £37.99

I’ve already purchased my BHS Babushka chandelier which looks amazing. I just need to get the rest of the things on this wishlist one by one then my ideal bohemian living room will be complete! 🙂

My Bohemian Living Wishlist | The Greenwich Mummy
My BHS bohemian chandelier looks great!

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