MoroccanTan Self-Tanning Lotion Review


When there is no time (or money) for a beach holiday to get a good tan, the one from the bottle is the next best thing. If anything, it’s probably better to fake it as you won’t be putting your skin at risk of excessive UV exposure.

Before a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of MoroccanTan. They are a professional self-tanning brand so that means that it’s not available for purchase you’re a qualified therapist. I got a free sample with an order I placed for my CND nail supplies and became really interested in undergoing a spray tan course. I think it’s a great service that a lot of people would like. Especially if, like me, you find it difficult to DIY.

MoroccanTan is formulated with argan oil to help restore moisture to the skin and the extra added vitamins and organic oils in the lotion ensures hydrated skin and an even coverage. It also doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens or polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is a great added bonus – I really like conscious skincare brands. 🙂

Colour & Application
My free sample was for fair-medium skin tones which was perfect for me. As I am quite pale in winter I thought it may’ve been too dark but it was just right. The sample was really small (same size as the free samples in magazines) but it was just about enough for one application. It was quite easy to put on as it’s a dark brown colour. When you rub it properly into the skin, it starts to turn creamy and becomes white-ish. There’s still a bit of colour so you can make out where you’ve applied it already.

It took me about 15mins to apply as I am quite slow and didn’t use gloves so my hands got a bit stained but came off quite fine with a good scrub afterwards. I applied it on at night so went to sleep then washed it off first thing in the morning. It smelled like watermelon when I applied it but that distinctive ‘biscuit-fake-tan’ smell did kick in a little when it was developing overnight.

The Result
It was definitely a subtle tan which is good if you want to be able to build up your colour. Also, a lighter tan in winter does look a lot more natural. MoroccanTan does offer an “Exotics” range which is aimed at olive-dark skin tones or those wanting a darker/deeper tan or have darker skintones.

Overall, I like the colour. I did wish it was a tad darker as my arms are quite tanned naturally from wearing short sleeves last summer so I would’ve liked the tan to make me more even. My hands are the same colour as the rest of my body so ideally if my body could match my arms that would’ve been perfect! Maybe one day I can try out the exotics range…

Getting That Glow With Moroccan Tan - The Greenwich Mummy


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