Nurture Fruity Water + Drinks Review

The Greenwich Mummy - Nurture Immunity Drink Review

You may have read my I Mune Nurture drink review which I posted about a year ago. The company, founded by parents Derek and Lucie, sent us two flavours of their lovely fruity water drink to test out. LO really enjoyed them and so fast forward a year, I’ve been contacted again by the brand to see if I’d like to review their newly improved versions and write a comparison-type review which I happily accepted. 🙂

The company also updated their name from I Mune Nurture to Nurture Immunity which in my opinion has a better ring to it. Their new website also looks lovely; very clean, easy to navigate and I’m loving their mascot, Firsty the elephant!

I’ve split the review into the following sections: design, packaging, taste and availability (stockists).


Original: Brightly coloured red pouch for the cherry and strawberry flavour, brightly coloured orange pouch for the orange and pineapple flavour. There’s a little boy and little girl cartoon graphic on the front of the drink.

New: The colours used are the same as the old version. Firsty the elephant is featured in the background this time and the graphics of the new design looks more attractive and trendy than the former.

Winner: new version


Original: A decent 200ml sized pouch. The pouch packaging has a glossy feel. The lid has a screw top and valve inside to stop spillages. Though this was a great idea, it was hit-and-miss because when LO tried to drink it, he could hardly get anything out. Even I gave it a try and failed but this happened only with some pouches, not all of them.

New: Still 200ml in size. The feel of the pouch is lovely, a silky, matte feel. My favourite improvement is the lid; the same screw top design but no valve this time allowing LO to suck the drink out much easier. Even I tried and noticed the different!

Winner: new version


Original: The Fruity Water drinks are 50% juice and 50% water. No added sugars or sweeteners – just a lot of added vitamins and minerals for extra goodness. Tasted like diluted juice (squash) and fruit-flavoured water. LO loved the cherry and strawberry flavour the most.

New: The new Nurture Immunity Fruity Water + drinks are 45% juice and 55% water. No added sugars or sweeteners and a lot of additional vitamins and minerals like the original version. A little more diluted but still just as tasty. By adding more water, the level of natural sugars is lower which is what Nurture wants. LO prefers the orange and pineapple flavour this time round but still enjoys the cherry and strawberry one from time to time.

Winner: new version


Original: Not available as a single pouch, only in multi packs. Available to purchase from Tesco Extra, Ocado and Holland & Barrett’s. I shop at Tesco’s so was able to easily pick up another pack when we needed more.

New: Still not available as a single pouch and available from the following stockists: Ocado, Holland & Barrett’s and at the Whole Foods market. I’m a little upset that Tesco is no longer an official stockist but as I shop a lot online it’s not really a problem.

Winner: original version


Winning three out of four rounds is the new and improved version; Nurture Fruity Water +. For me, it would’ve been a close draw as personally I prefer the taste of the original version (yes, I drank some of LO’s fruity water… purely for research of course! *wink*)

The brand has put a lot more work into re-branding themselves. The website is great, they’ve introduced a mascot called Firsty, more interactive on social media and created a drink that not only contains 7 key vitamins but also incorporating ‘Wellmune Technology’ to support children’s immunity.

If you’d like to learn more about the drinks, visit

NB. We were kindly sent two sample boxes by Nurture Immunity. All words, opinions and photos are my own. The featured image used in this post must be credited to Nurture Immunity.


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