Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

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In response to The Daily Post WPC: Details

These photos were taken from our trip last year to Legoland for LO’s birthday. These were the legos of London – we also saw France, Germany and the United States.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog
Legoland Big Ben
The Greenwich Mummy Blog
Legoland London Eye

Just look at the details of the designs – amazing!

We had such a blast over the two days. Unfortunately we didn’t go on many rides as they’re aimed mainly at children over 5 and LO was so tired he slept most of the time after seeing the Mini Land area.

I hope you enjoyed your taste of Legoland. Happy weekend! 🙂


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Details”

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  2. havent been to lego land, but would like to go, it is very detailed and cleaverly put together,
    and I have also noticed a lot of places don’t really have the smaller ones in mind as you say. lovely post lovely x


    1. Yes it’sso odd because if I had known Legoland was like that we probably would’ve gone when LO is a little older. I think Peppa Pig world in Southampton and Cbeebies land at Alton Towers should have more stuff for toddlers.


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