Mummy’s day out to the Blackheath Foodies Festival

The Greenwich Mummy Blog: Blackheath Foodies Festival Event

A couple of weeks back I took LO and Baby Girl out to Blackheath to see the wonderful Foodies Festival. The festival was held on the green for three days (July 8th-10th) and I had only discovered it by chance on Thursday night.

There was a Twitter competition from Mummy’s Gin Fund – in order to win a VIP ticket for the whole weekend I had to follow the social media accounts and RT the twitter post which I did. I never in a million years thought I would win – I never win anything! So when I received a notification from Mummy’s Gin Fund tagging me as a winner I was thrilled to bits. I took to FB to announce my winnings only to discover a good friend of mine was also popping along to the event which was fantastic news as it meant I had someone to go with.

On the day…

I tried as quick as I could to get the kids ready then when we were able to leave the bus took a little while to come. Probably because it was a weekend service so the 286 was less frequent. Once we got to Blackheath standard we had to walk a little distance. Poor LO, he did tremendously well on foot as I didn’t take the stroller with us and had Baby Girl in the sling carrier.

When we arrived we had a good look around. There were loads of food and drink stalls around. We started feeling slightly peckish so I asked LO what he wanted. He didn’t look too keen on anything but there was a Moroccan van just in front of us selling tagines, salads, wraps and I asked him if he wanted some. Surprisingly LO said yes so I ordered us one lamb tagine with cous cous and salad to share. You can see in the slideshow the portion size – it wasn’t much and it cost £8! Delicious though so I can’t really complain. I kind of knew the food was going to be highly priced. I’m just really glad it tasted good, seasoned well and was filling enough.

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Bubba is so excited for the festival!

We eventually met up with my friend and her family soon after. They had gourmet burgers which tasted “okay” she said. Not that great for £8 worth – I was happy that my money was well spent on the tagine as I had also considered buying a burger but as I knew LO is not really a fan of them, I didn’t buy one.

We had a look around again at all the stalls, this time focusing on the dessert side; there were crepe stalls, various fudge stalls, weird chocolate combo stalls, your standard cakes/cupcake stalls and a wonderful little Churros stall. We bought some (£5 for a cup!) and they were really tasty. They came in all different flavours, we stuck with just plain sugar, and with a chocolate sauce dip on the side. Not as fab as the ones I had when I was in Barcelona but good enough. LO really enjoyed them. I wasn’t a fan of the sauce so chucked it – I tried it – it just didn’t taste like proper chocolate to me and I am not really a fan of milk chocolate anyway.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog: Blackheath Foodies Festival Event

The Greenwich Mummy Blog: Blackheath Foodies Festival Event

It was the last thing we bought before going home so LO enjoyed the rest of his churros on the bus ride home. Baby Girl slept the whole way through, only waking for a feed. Ahhh the power of the wrap!! 🙂

Thanks to my VIP ticket I also got a really nice goody bag filled with lovely healthy treats (see photo above). I got a Teapigs matcha drink, teapigs loose tea sachet, gluten-free Nutribix, Ocean Spray cranberry & raisin mix, Sacla pesto sauce which is delicious, tomato seeds – I’m guessing to plant not eat and a few leaflets and a £40 off HelloFresh voucher. As I am an existing customer of HF I wouldn’t be able to use this anyway as it’s only for new customers.


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  1. Food festival! I would go if I live there! I love stuffing my face! Those churros look so so good. 🙂


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