Snappy Happy Sundays #11

Snappy Happy Sundays | The Greenwich Mummy


The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Yoga Snappy Happy Sundays
Pigeon Pose / Instagram: @mannyngo

A little bit of a cheat as I’ve used a self-time to take this photo but just wanted to share it because I loved the silhouette. 🙂

Happy Weekend all! Namaste x


5 responses to “Snappy Happy Sundays #11”

  1. What a great shot, I’m so impressed! Pilates I can figure out but yoga has always escaped me. You look very serene X #MySundayPhoto

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    1. Thank you – I really like pilates too but recently I’ve been liking yoga a lot more 🙂 it is a relaxing pose this one less stressful than the others haha!


  2. I love this. I could never bend like that

    Thank you for linking up


  3. What a stunning photo. Love the way you are silhouetted against the window.


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