My Holland and Barrett Mini Haul

The Greenwich Mummy | Holland & Barrett Haul
My Holland & Barrett Mini Haul (I forgot to take a photo of the fat burner tablets!)

Okay, so this haul is more of a mini-haul as it only consists of three products I bought from Holland and Barrett a few weeks ago. H&B is my go-to store when I am looking for anything to do with health foods and supplements. I love their nut mixes especially the carob-coated nut mix and the stores always stocks a wide variety of my beloved Nakd food bars. If you’ve never tried one, I suggest you go out and buy one asap because that’s how good they are and they’re healthy for you.

As I have been embarking on my health fitness journey, I bought a few things which I thought would help me along the way…

Nature Garden’s Pure Soya Protein Isolate Powder, £19.19

Protein is really important for muscle development as it helps to build and repair muscle. As I want to focus on strength training I wanted to up my protein levels to ensure I’m getting enough of the stuff in my body. I had a look at various protein powders (whey and soy) and decided to go with the soy one. I chose the natural flavour to cut out any added sweeteners and have been very happy with my purchase so far. I’ve been taking the supplement to up my protein but as I am not lifting heavy yet I can’t comment on whether it helps to build muscle mass.

Bioglan Superfoods Supergreens Powder, £22.99

I first tried out the Bioglan Raaw Foods sachet and completely loved it. It tasted great but there was only 7 sachets in the pack (£7.99) so it’s not really a ‘value-for-money’ kind of product. That’s when I decided to go for the Supergreens pack which is more expensive but it lasts much longer as it’s a bigger pack. After drinking this Supergreens powder for two weeks I’ve come to hate the taste – I find it too sweet! It tastes like tropical juice that’s been sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Daddy P seems to like the taste but I’ve gone the opposite way. Unfortunately for me, one glass of this stuff is the same as getting at least 10 fruits and veg a day (I could bever eat that much) I have to stick to the stuff. I have noticed that if I skip drinking it for a few days I do start to lack energy and have less frequent bowel movements so the stuff definitely helps/works. 🙂

Nutritional Headquarters Fat Metaboliser 120 Tablets, £12.99 (not pictured)

I have trouble burning fat as my metabolism is not as fast as it used to be pre-pregnancy. I put on weight so much easier now and have found it so much harder to shift the fat. I really want to start lifting so I can build lean muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so I will be heavier on the scales but look leaner and fitter so all good. 🙂 Many women are scared of lifting because they think they’ll become really muscular like body-builders but the real truth is that it’ll never happen. Why? Because women naturally have more fat than muscle so to become as muscular as body-builders, we’d have to have around 10-14% body fat when the average woman has around 25-30% body fat. Average body fat percentage for men is around 10-15% while their bodybuilding counterparts have as little as 2% body fat which women can never achieve. See the difference?

Building muscle also burns fat so while you are strength training you not only tone and condition your body but you’re also shedding fat at the same time. It’s like two for the price of one! 🙂 These tablets had the best reviews on the Holland and Barrett website so I thought there’s no harm in giving them a try and seeing if they work. I eat more healthy now and exerciseregularly so the tablets should work and I really think they do. I take two tablets a day according to their instructions. On the website there is also a PDF help guide on how to gain the best results from the tablets which really helped.

In the two weeks that I’ve been taking the tablets alongside my healthy eating and exercise, I’ve lost an inch off my waist which is fantastic! I was over the moon – I couldn’t believe it at first so I remeasured a couple of times and yep, definitely lost an inch. I really believe that it’s the diet and exercise that contribute most to the loss but the tablets act like a little push. I’m going to post up progress photos on a monthly basis too so don’t forget top check them out when they’re live on the blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my mini-haul post – sorry it was a bit lengthy haha! If you want to know more about the products just drop me a message below. 🙂 <– I love these smiley faces!

(Prices are correct as of 12/08/16)

You can find links to the exact products from this haul post here:
Soya Protein Isolate Powder / Bioglan Supergreens Powder / Nutritional Headquarters Fat Burner Tablets

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