Review: MyProtein’s Little Beasts healthy snacks are “so yummy”!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - MyProtein Little Beasts
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | MyProtein Little Beasts Snack Review
Healthy snacks + vitamins for kids by leading sports nutrition brand, MyProtein

Do you find it hard to get all those healthy nutrients into your children? Or perhaps you have a fussy eater on your hands that prefers to snack more than eat proper meals? If the answer was yes to either of these questions then we’re in the same boat! *phew!*

LO is a super fussy eater and I have found it incredibly as he got older to make him eat well and healthily. The boy loves to snack and barely eats decent-sized meals. The only meal that he actually eats really well is breakfast (he has oats porridge with whole milk and no sugar) … but even then I have to feed him… at 3 years old! Don’t get me wrong, he can feed himself but it takes him forever to finish a bowl that I can give him in under 10 mins. I really need to stop. I’m just making a rod for my own back by doing it but I blame Daddy P for reverting my baby-led weaning to spoon-feeding when he turned 18 months… this is something we are NOT going to go through with Baby Girl I can assure you!

As I said, LO loves snacks but the majority of his snacks involves processed foods such as crisps, jaffa cakes and sweets. Occasionally he will ask for the odd fruit (usually banana or apple) or some fromage frais or cheese on toast aka “cheesy bread”. I really want to offer him something more healthy and nutritious for his snack options. When MyProtein got in touch with me I was absolutely thrilled! I really like the company as they are one of my favourite sports nutrition brands and one of the best rated and reputable brands in Europe so I knew that their new children’s range, Little Beasts, had to be of the same high quality standards and I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂

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The Little Beasts range

Little Beasts for kids offers a complete range of healthy food & drink alternatives for children and vitamin supplements for kids aged 3+. We were lucky enough to try the whole range which included the Grizzly Bars (chocolate bars), Fruity Drinks (fruity yoghurt-like drink with added whey), Bubbly Multivitamins (fruit-flavoured tablets to be dissolved in water) and the Milkshake Mix (flavoured milk with added whey).

We’ve now tried and tested all of the them and here’s our thoughts on each one…
(Yes, I also participated in trying the goodies… purely for research, of course!)

Grizzly Bar

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | MyProtein Little Beasts Snack Review
These Grizzly Bars were LO’s favourite – something chocolatey that he actually likes!

These chewy, chocolatey, crispy bars of goodness are amazing! LO loved them and I loved them too… literally I could’ve ate a whole bar to myself but I can’t be that mean(or greedy!). LO is not a big fan of chocolate believe it or not. He’s more of a sweets kind-of-guy,  he will do anything for a bag of Haribos, seriously.

When I first handed him the bar I thought he wouldn’t like it. He even made a funny face when he first bit into the bar but then his face changed and he grinned with delight. I asked him, “do you like it?” to which he nodded and replied, “mmm, it’sso tasty!”. He ate two bars that day and we’ve had no trouble getting through our pack.

*Note to self – need to buy more grizzly bars!*

Fruity Drink

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | MyProtein Little Beasts Snack Review
These fruity drinks have added whey for a protein boost suitable for children (3+)

These lovely little bottles make a great addition to their lunchboxes and are stated for aged 3+ – I assume this is because it contains a small amount of whey protein. LO wasn’t a big fan of the drinks which is much to my surprise yet again! He loves fromage frais and yoghurt/smoothie type things but really didn’t warm to these.

I had a sip of his bottle and thought it was really nice. To me, it tasted like a sweet mango smoothie. really delicious especially when it’s cold. I didn’t want to waste his drink so ended up pouring it into my natural Greek yoghurt and I kid you not, it was a heavenly concotion. LO’s cousin Lils also loves the fruity drink so we’ve been enjoying these on behalf of my LO. 🙂

Bubbly Multivitamins

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | MyProtein Little Beasts Snack Review
These fizzing multivitamins are packed with essential vitamins and minerals

I’m not a massive fan of fizzing multivitamins but am very glad that MyProtein has created some for their kids range. Fussy eaters definitely need vitamin supplements to help them get all the vitamins and minerals they need which may be lacking from their poor diet. I used to use a liquid multivitamin which was okay and LO liked it but he didn’t like these fizzy ones. For me, I find it more convenient to just give him a chewy one-a-day tablet which doesn’t need mixing with water and all that faffing around so unfortunately this one is a miss for both of us. I had a try of it and it smells lovely and tasted fruity but for me, convenience (and speed) is key.

Milkshake Mix

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | MyProtein Little Beasts Snack Review
Delicious strawberry milkshake with added minerals, vitamins and whey

Once again, LO was not a massive fan of the strawberry-flavoured milkshake mix. This is nothing to do with the milkshake itself because I tried it and loved it and Lils tried it and couldn’t get enough of it. LO can be quite particular with some of his foods ie he doesn’t like sauce on his rice or pasta, he doesn’t like sauce on his chips and he doesn’t like flavoured milk. Boo!! Is there anything this little guy likes?! (Not really, unless it’s sweets). What I liked about the mix is that it’s great value for money. You only need one scoop per serving and the bag has a pretty decent amount inside. If your little one loves strawberries or strawberry milk, he/she will love this Milkshake Mix. It’s easy to mix (just with water) and doesn’t taste too sweet or sickly like there’s loads of sweeteners or sugars in there.

My top tip: I find that milkshake powders mix better when you can actually “shake” them so mixing them in a shaker ensures you wont have any lumps in your drink. The first time I tried it, I used a fork to mix the milk and there were some small lumps floating at the top of the glass. Not a biggie but if you hate lumps then defo use shaker.

I hope you I’ve enticed you a little to give the range a try! If you’re new to MyProtein you can sign-up to their newsletters for special offers and discount codes. 🙂

Have your little ones tried any of the Little Beasts range?

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Want to know a little more about the Little Beasts range?
Check out their cool video below:


NB. We were kindly sent these Little Beast samples for the purpose of this review. All words, photos and contents are my own.
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2 responses to “Review: MyProtein’s Little Beasts healthy snacks are “so yummy”!”

  1. Ooooh I’ve not heard of this range but I’m off to investigate as it sounds fab! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

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    1. Yes definitely check it out – my fave are those chocolate grizzly bars – literally so yum I could eat them all myself haha.. it’s cyber monday so if you did buy today make sure you use discount code THIRTY so you can get 30% off. 😊💪🏽


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